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J9 Jimenez Arms (Biggest garbage ever)

The JA9 is the BIGGEST GARBAGE in the entire gun market. After purchasing the JA9 I had nothing but a migrane. The gun jams 2 out of every three rounds fired, The fireing pin came apart, the load indicator located on the top of the pistol after firing 10 rounds suddenly had a spring pertruding. After sending it in to Nevada (thier new base of operations) and receiving it back the gun jammed more than before and the trigger lock was now defective. Piece of Garbage!!!

I took that gun back to the gun shop and complained about the fact that they did not mention that the JA9 was a pistol manufactured by Jimenez Arms with the molds formerly belonging to the Bryco company.

I purchased a new firearm, The Bersa Thunder High Capacity 9mm. This pistol is awesome, lightweight, accurate and very cost effective. I give it 5 stars.
1 - 1 of 462 Posts
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