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I am looking to trade the following weapons for one M1 Garand:

Yugoslavian M48 Mauser / 8mm
Soviet mosin nagant M44 / 7.62X54
Mossberg 500 12g w/custom work.. Pistol grip included

the Mauser is in excellent condition-Great Bore
the Mosin is in good to excellent condition-Good bore
the Mossberg is in better than good condition-Only had 5 rounds put thru the barrel, and the barrel is changeable obviously so.. yeah...

If anyone is willing to trade me an M1 Garand for my 2 rifles / 1 shotgun please contact me on my cell phone or via email.

cell- 401-996-2684
Email- [email protected]

NOTE: title the email subject as "M1 Garand"
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