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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Calvin, Mar 17, 2002.

  1. Calvin

    Calvin G&G Enthusiast

    Just seeing if anyone likes Taurus as much as I do........:)
  2. Jack O

    Jack O G&G Newbie

    Sure liked the looks of the 357 target gun with the 12inch barrel. Sure would be hard to hide from the wife though.

  3. squirrelsniper

    squirrelsniper G&G Newbie

    I love the Taurus model 44. I'm not that good at shooting a pistol, but it shoots better than I can.:D
  4. Shaun

    Shaun G&G Evangelist

    I carry my 2"606 CH ported toy everywhere I go
  5. tonto

    tonto G&G Newbie

    :D Love my Taurus both of them, a model 66 in 357 mag, and my favorite is my945 in 45 acp
    very accurate reliable and nice to look at, thinking of the millenium for a ccw
  6. Calvin

    Calvin G&G Enthusiast

    I love all of mine. My carry gun is either a 605 or a 65 with 2-1/2 inch barrel. My duty weapon is either a PT92 or a PT100. My wife has the PT-25 Millenium, a 605, and a 66. I have a 66 Target with the 12" barrel. With a scope on it, if I can see it, it's pretty much history. Also, have a Raging Bull with the 6-1/2" barrel. Talk about impressive!! If you should happen to miss the target, the shockwave will get it!

    SPOCAHP ANAR G&G Enthusiast

    I love mine too

    I have the 7 shot .357. big boy. I need to get another one a little smaller to travel with. But at least if I empty it and the guy is still coming at me I can throw it at him and put him down. (it weighs nearly 3 lbs)

    For about 200 less than a smith and a lifetime guarantee you can't go wrong!
  8. steve k.

    steve k. G&G Newbie

    I have a model 608 and a PT 138 and I enjoy shooting both of them. I was just on the Taurus website and I noticed that they have wood grips and a scope mount for the 608. I feel the urge to spend some money.
  9. Calvin

    Calvin G&G Enthusiast

    Try the 605. I LOVE that little pistol!! I wish Ohio would hurry up, and pass the CCW. When they do, that's what I'll carry. I've got plenty of other guns to carry, but for power-to-weight ratio, the 605 is it for me. I'm a pretty big guy, and could carry my Springfield .45, but I can carry the 605 all day and not even know it's there.
    Hmmmm.....on second thought, I may get another one, and carry 2. Gun store closes at 7, and the wife's not home 'til 6..............:)
  10. I have the model 44 and model 65. Been eyeballing the one in .357 Sig but don't know enough about it yet to make a decision.
  11. Brian Lavin

    Brian Lavin G&G Newbie

    I have a Tracker 627 and it's a great revolver. The sa trigger is very light and crisp, I don't think it needs any work. I'm thinking of getting a non-ported revolver for my wife, as she seems to like about a 3" bbl small frame, but does NOT like the extra sound and fury of the ported 627. Guess I'll have to check out the choices, nothing like having to shop for the wife's new gun...sigh, are my chores never done?
  12. Zardoz

    Zardoz G&G Newbie

    The Tracker .22Mag is also a VERY nice piece. As with Brian's 627, the SA trigger is really nice, and the double action pull on mine is light, as well. Accuracy is pretty good, too (for me-I'm no Dirty Harry by any means).
  13. WillyZ

    WillyZ G&G Newbie

    I have the Model 44 Taurus. I use this pistol for hunting deer. I have mounted a Tasco Pro Point PDP5 red dot on it. This gun is very accurate. I am looking at buying a 945. Does any one have any good or bad info on this Pistol?

  14. Zardoz

    Zardoz G&G Newbie

    I haven't heard anything about it, but Taurus is making some outstanding guns these days. It is one brand I can but with absolutely zero concern. Go for it. Most people who don't like Taurus are gun "snobs" who won't try one just because they are Taurus. They don't know what they are missing.
  15. Calvin

    Calvin G&G Enthusiast

    Willy Z,
    The 945 is an excellent pistol. A friend of mine carries his off-duty constantly. I have shot it a number of times, and it is very dependable. Accurate, too. If you can try one out before buying it, that will help you.
    Zardoz, I have had many arguments about Taurus being a Smith "knock-off". As far as that goes, most people don't understand that both S&W and Taurus were both owned by the same company. The same company that sold out S&W 2 years ago. Taurus was bought out, and purchased the manufacturing rights from S&W. Taurus has made identical guns, but they have modified them to suit Taurus' needs. Also, the monetary differences are because of the names involved. I can't see paying $425 for a Model 65 S&W, but I CAN see paying $300 for a Taurus Model 65. The guns are almost identical except for the mainsprings. So, to those who shun Taurus firearms, when was the last time S&W offered a free, 1-year membership to the NRA? Read the warranty cards for both weapons. Taurus is lifetime- Smith is limited lifetime. The warranty stays with a Taurus when it's sold- S&W's warranty is void if transfered to another owner.....
  16. WillyZ

    WillyZ G&G Newbie

    You hit the nail on the head. In the new issue of GUNS mag. they had an article on Taurus and they said the same as your post. They also stated that along the same line as Taurus buying the plant out from S&W. The same follows for the Beretta and Taurus' PT-92 and PT-99. GUNS also said that Taurus made improvements in there pistols over Beretta and that Taurus' pistols are better. They also said that none of the parts to these pistols are interchangeable. Once again Taurus has chalked another one up on the score board.

  17. Calvin

    Calvin G&G Enthusiast

    Willy Z,
    You can swap slides between the two. If you take a Taurus slide, and put it on a Beretta frame, you have a gun that won't shoot half of the time, and it won't have any safety. Take the Beretta slide and put it on a Taurus frame. The gun will function perfectly, and you now have 2 decockers that function. But, I will have to say that I love my PT92 over my old Beretta 92F. It will digest all kinds of ammo, whereas my Beretta was pretty picky about what it would chew. And, when you try to get your Beretta fixed, whatever went wrong is YOUR fault, and not the guns'. They told a buddy of mine, who was a cop at the time, that he wasn't using the correct ammo for it. When he asked them what he should use, they wouldn't/couldn't tell him. Bad move on their part, because they lost a contract for my buddys' depatment because of that. I won't spend $650 on a gun that is made by a company who won't admit that there's a chance the gun has something wrong with it. Not good customer service in my book.......
  18. WillyZ

    WillyZ G&G Newbie

    I have a Browning Hi-Power. I do alot of indoor shooting (lead bullets) and I was geeting "KEYHOLING". I also noticed that the barrel was leading up alot after the troat. I slip casted the barrel and the measurement was 0.3585". The SAMMI standard for 9MM bullets is 0.355". The recommened barrel dim is 0.354-0.356". I sent the gun back to the company and they said that there was nothing wrong. I told them that I shoot lead bullets and they said "that barrel was not design to shoot lead bullets". Which I think is a poor excuse. I then asked them what there tolerance is on there barrels. First they had to call me back after they talked with QA. I finally called back after a couple of days and they said it was 0.355 +0.004". I bought an after market barrel for $75.00 and it doen't lead up and is very very accurate. Browning charges $250.00 for another factory barrel. To top it off, they didn't send my magazine back. I had to pull teeth to have them dend me another one. I hope John Browning rolled over in his grave.
  19. Calvin

    Calvin G&G Enthusiast

    Sorry to hear about that. I haven't had any trouble with any manufacturer when I sent my guns out. It's a shame that manufacturers give people such a hard time with their guns. In this day and age, you would think that they would make an honest effort to right a wrong. I have heard some people say that they have had trouble with Taurus before, and they all were for broken slides/frames on the PT 145. It really bothered me to hear that. One guy said that Taurus was a waste of his time, as he had to send his 145 back on 3 seperate occasions. He said Taurus did nothing but give him a hard time. I have had to send one Taurus back for repair, and got excellent service. They even threw in a set of rubber grips for my trouble.
    I hope your Browning is doing okay now. I like the Hi-Power, but haven't bought one yet. And, I'm sure John Browning is very disappointed.
  20. nitedog

    nitedog G&G Newbie

    I own three Taurus weapons, I love them all. My newest is a blue PT-145 that I carry CCW. It is awesome. I also have had an old blue model 65 in 357 mag for years, dependable and still in great shape. My favorite is a stainless, ported PT-945 with wood grips. It is the most accurate weapon I own. Hard to keep clean but well worth the effort. Service has been great as well. Had to send the PT-145 back for cracked frame replacement, had it back in less than a month, shoots great, no new cracks so far!