AP: 10 states provide half of crime guns, BATFE claims

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    Another report from the leftist lapdog media: According to the Associated Press, ten US states provide 50% of all guns used in gun crimes. This is according to the BATFE's latest report on the subject.

    What I find interesting is they claim one of the ten states that sells the most crime guns is California - which ranks on the list of Top Ten Most Anti-Gun States.Anyone besides me see the incongruity here?

    Of course the AP didn't pass up the chance to slip in a jab at the private party sales conducted at gun shows. They never pass up a chance to promote the agenda of the gun-grabbers.

  2. Well with the FBI violent crime report coming out recently and with the fact it was actually very good and show with all the guns and ammunition sold crime was still low and had actually dropped from the previous year, of course they had to come out with their own negative report.

    But coming out with a report and having actual provable statistics to back it up are too far different things. And it's been proven time and time again that when the left, and even the Brady Campaign (yes I know, they're on the left), but it's been proven they tend to mislead and twist the stats so it favors their point of view and agenda.

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    As usual the states with the most restrictive gun laws have the most gun related crimes and murder,legal use of firearms is usually over looked and ignored to furter gun control,a DNC dream, I know,I'm preacin' to the quire,but I just gotta pop off.:cussing:
  4. You can bet they will be sending illegals into gun shops with fake ID's to buy guns so they can shut them down. This has been happening at gun shows already.