AR 10 or FAL?

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by senecagreen, Apr 21, 2002.

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    Hi All,
    I have been thinking about a AR 10 in .308 or a FAL type like DSA sells. Especially the one in Urban Camo. A top notch Bushmaster around here at the dealer is about $1100. From what I understand the DSA FAL is about $1300. I prefer iron sights but would keep my scope options open since this is a long range cartridge. I am thinking the AR 10 would be lighter. Which is most accurate for precise shooting? I like both styles of rifle equally well but am more intrigued by the SAR 58.
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    Me, I'd buy the AR-10 because I think it's the coolest. Mags will cost you though. Gotta admit, it all boils down to preference. If I was getting a FAL, I'd get a $450 parts gun, but it wouldn't have the support and quality that you'd get with an American version. I'm not sure how the DSA FAL compares, but the AR-10 is quite accurate. Regular FALs are a few steps behind.

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    Thanks for the reply, you seem to be one of the most informed around here. I am more of an iron sight guy. I like peep sights with the big ring. A friend just bought a Bushmaster match model in .223 but in an iron sight comparison it doesn't shoot as good as my mini 14. Of course shooting iron sights most guns are more precise than the shooter. He wasn't real happy about that and is scoping it. I wanted a Bushmaster in 7.62 x 39 but the only thing I have found is .308 on which belongs a scope and if I bought one I am sure that's the way it would end up. It is a lot of money for a Bushmaster or a FAL but I do think the AR 10 would be noticeably lighter to carry around.
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    If you are going to buy a FN the DSA is the way to go,mounting a scope is a snap parts are easy to come by.The DSA will be every bit as accurate as the AR-10 and cheeper to operate (mags,parts) And if you want something in 7.62x39 I would go with a SAR1 it is not a match rifle but once again parts and mags are cheep and easy to find.
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    For an accurate 7.62x39mm, you could look into a MAK-90, MAK-91, NHM-90, or NHM-91, all of which are supposed to be match grade AKs by Norinco. Expect to pay $350-500 for such a rifle, depending on condition and grade (I listed in what I expect is order of increasing accuracy). Another option is the VEPR or VEPR II from Robinson Armory. Retail is around $550, but they're really accurate, at least for an AK based 7.62x39mm rifle. Only thing I don't like about them is that they're barrel heavy, but there's a good reason for it.
    I guess the big question is how much accuracy are you looking for? SAR-1s sometimes give 2" groups, sometimes 6". G3s are at worst 4", but mine gets 1". VEPR II will supposedly give you 1", which is all Armalite promises from the AR-10s, but the AR-10s are probably much better than that.

    Thanks for the compliment, though having much to say doesn't necessarily mean I know much. I learn more every day from other guys on this forum.
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    I do not think magazine prices are that bad for the AR-10, at least the new version. Armalite was selling "conversion kits" to adapt 20 round M-14 magazines to the new AR-10.
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    Hey, anyone know if Carl was right that DPMS is going to produce AR-10s that feed from FAL mags? There are a couple AR-10 clones out there that do, but the rifle price outweighs the mag savings. DPMS rifles are generally good quality and less expensive.