AR-10 & Remington 700 Scope Recommendations

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    Hey Guys, I am looking to buy an AR-10 for general hunting purposes and was wondering what you guys recommend as far as scopes go. I would like to keep it under $800 but do not know which works best with this system. Nice features would be a range finder and a red dot but again, I do not know which brand of scope to buy. I know leupold scopes are good and I have heard good things about Nikon...I just do not know which model numbers would be the best for this.

    Also, I have the same question for my Remington 700. Thanks.
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    Believe it or not, I just went through this situation 4 months ago.

    I had a Leupold Vari X III 6.5-20X50 on my Remington 700 .308, and wanted to scope two AR10s. I did a week's worth of internet research, looking for "Tactical" scopes of at least 20 power with 50MM objectives. (My eyes are not as good as they were when I flew jets, so now I need scopes.)

    After doing all my research, and getting thoroughly disgusted with the prices on "Tactical" scopes, I went to the local warehouse sports store, and did a side by side comparison. I used the Leupold Vari X III as my baseline to compare to, and then proceeded to compare 5 other scopes, all 6-20X, one at a time against the Leupold. All were set at 20X, and all were aimed at the same sign on the far wall of the store, 75 yards away.

    Price was no object. I could buy two of any scope for cash.

    After looking through all of the scopes several times against the Leupold, I eliminated the Leupold! Imagine my surprise, since I have Leupolds on all my hunting rifles. I also eliminated the Nikon and the Bushnell, next.

    I was not paying attention to what the brand of the scope was as I was eliminating them. I just handed the ones I didn't like to the sales clerk.

    I then compared the remaining two scopes with each other, and picked..............................................................................................
    the BURRIS.

    I was absolutely surprised and shocked.

    The best part was that the Burris cost HALF what the Leupold cost.

    Do yourself a favor. Go to a big box store and compare them side by side. Then pick what looks the best for you. As long as you are choosing from good brands that have good warranties and performance records, you should have no problems.

    I bought the two Burris scopes and mounted them on my two AR10 20" uppers. I am VERY happy with them.

    PS Order the heavy duty scope mount from Brownells. It has the rings and base all cast in one piece for picatinny rail mounting of the scope. I put one on each AR10 Upper, and they remount exactly back to "Zero" every time I take them off the rail. Awesome product for $60.
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    ^I agree with the part of choosing a scope that you can try is much better than ordering one on the net.Often what you get as a bargain on the net turns out to be not so good.I do question trying the scopes on 20X at 75yds.Also,so many times I have seen scopes that were "clear as a bell" out to 100,200,300yds and were a mess from there on out.When you talk 6.5X20 or such you're talking varmint/target.Intentionally,I rarely shoot under 200/300yds and usually much further than that especially on target but varmint too.In that class of scope it is what I can see beyond 200/300yds that intrests me.If they start getting foggy where my "minimum range is,I have a problem.For this class of scope I require a guarrantee that the scope is going to be clear at long range.If they won't go for it,I don't buy there.Most factory warrantees are useless for this problem.Also,for hunting/target under 200/300yds I find a 3X9 or less very effective and way more apt to be clear at 300yds than the more powerful scopes.In fact I personally can shoot better groups at 500/600yds with a clear vision scope under 10X than a cloudy scope at 16/24X.By the way Ten Man,you post intresting subjects.Keep up the good work.
  5. I prefer lower powered scopes then high powered one. I have two Nikons and two leupolds on my rifles. ranging from a 2-7 to a 2.5-10. They are all clear and bright out to 400+ yards. the most expensive was 350.