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AR 10 Rifles by Armalite

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It is unconscionable to have an empty Armalite Manufacturer Forum.

There are many brands of carbines and rifles on the market that call themselves "AR," but the original was the Armalite AR10.

If you have one, had one, want one, enjoyed shooting one, or have questions about them, let's hear it!
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Most of the snow has melted off, and my trigger finger is itching!!:cool:

I have owned my Springfield Armory M1A, since 19999. It was my first real "Battle Rifle" and I would feel very comfortable using it for any SHTF scenario.

I got my first AR15 just about 5 months after my M1A, because a friend let me shoot his, and he offered to sell it to me when I told him how much fun it was to shoot. I considered it a fun "range gun" but never thought of it as a SHTF rifle. I have played with AR15s for 17 years. I like to shoot them when I want to burn a lot of ammo, but I have little faith in them for an all around "Survival Rifle" for two reasons: 1) The caliber is anemic, and 2) The caliber is anemic.

I know that the AR15 is supposedly the most popular "sporting rifle" in the nation, but I consider them the "9MM" of combat rifles.

I really liked the power of the M1A .308, but I liked the ergonomics, and easy cleaning/maintenance features of the AR15. What was I to do?!?!!?!?!?!????

Some searching, and questioning of others, led me to the discovery of the Armalite AR10, in 2000. I have never looked back after going to AR10. I have owned 5 of them. Every time I let someone else shoot mine, they wanted to buy it, and paid me more for it than I paid, because they didn't want to wait for one to be built. Trust me, they ARE worth waiting for!!;)

I currently still have my original Armalite AR10 16" "Carry Handle" Carbine, and my second Armalite AR10 20" Flat Top with scope. My M1A never gets shot, any more.:oops:

My recent discovery of the 300 BLK has been my second greatest revelation in "Survival" rifles. I would never use an AR15 in 223/5.56 for home defense, but the 300 BLK is a game changer! I am still tinkering with it, but I LOVE the concept of using 30 cal. bullets in the AR15. I call it my "mini-10." What else? I am Ten Man. :D
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well for jacketed bullets the Armalite is the champ.
a chrome lined barrel and a 1-11 twist.
the flat top a quality barrel and something like the sierra Palma 155gr bullets would make a tack driving machine.
my NM-15 is set up the same way only without the flat top option.
it is set up for 300yd 6" plate swinging.
with Hornady 55gr fmj's.
it's my embarrassment rifle.
I just set it on the edge of the bench kneel down behind it then set the front post in the square hangers down there and press the trigger a few times.
then I struggle back to my feet and loudly proclaim 'well I guess they sighted it in at the factory' then go put it back in the truck.

I usually pull that one when some kid is down there trying to impress his G/F with his new 300 blamomagnum and a scope you could scrutinize the rover on mars with.
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I bought my AR-10 A4 carbine around 2010 or so. Mine takes the Magpul magazines which are about half the price of the steel proprietary Armalite magazines. the barrel is a lightweight profile and heats up pretty quick so shooting a 5 round group takes some time. The gun will shoot sub moa even with cheap ball ammo.

I went with the carbine after shooting my buddy's AR-10 Target rifle. His had a heavy stainless steel barrel that was 22" or 24" and had one of those target stocks on it. The thing weighed a metric ton and was no fun to lug around. It sure was accurate though.
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I just dropped in on this thread, to find it's been a whole year since I started it!:eek:

I would LOVE to take the AR10 out to the range, but it's colder than I want to sit in, if I don't HAVE to. I MUST be getting old, because 10 years ago, the cold would not have been a STOP on going to the range!:(
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