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AR-15 Cold weather operation

Discussion in 'AR15' started by MosinRuger, Jan 12, 2018.

  1. Ron The Legend

    Ron The Legend G&G Evangelist

  2. Ron The Legend

    Ron The Legend G&G Evangelist

    I use airokroil or kroil lubricant on my AR for cleaning and lubing. No problems since. Using it now on the 10 22's also. Years ago my son and I would clean our 10 22's and use a dry graphite lube for winter hunting. With regular gun lube the 10 22 would have cycling problems in severe cold weather.
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  3. I was the Aberdeen Proving Ground Test Director on the M16A1E1 rifle adopted as the M16A2 in 82 by USMC and 1986 by Army and now it has other variations, shorter barrel etc. Expended 244,000 rounds during testing.

    I tested them to -60 BELOW ZERO with lubricants in the system. Only one lubricant allowed them to function

    LAW Lubricant Arctic Weapons, works just fine at -65 below zero

    LSA gummed up about -10 below.
    CLP stopped them about -25
    Mobil 1 0W20 I suspect would be good for about -25 but have not tested it.
    Ed's Red 1/3rd Mercon Dexron, 1/3rd K1 Kerosene, 1/3rd Mineral Spirits (home brew) was evaluated by a chemist friend and he estimates it should be goo to about -50 to -55 below ZERO.

    As tested I broke on in half when I dropped it in the cold room. Lower receiver ring that buffer tube screws into broke off. That is why the A2 had more metal in the ring in that area than the A1.
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    Kroil is great stuff and it or silikroil makes a great lube and solvent. I use it on bores (have some guns which use EWL and the dirtier/suppressed ones use my home brew. EWL has to be used on its own because it's incompatible with other stuff). It is great for flushing out lowers or gas pistons, etc.

    But I've found it a bit light for BCGs or handgun slides/barrels. Most handguns get EWL; BCGs and upper innards (including buffer) get the mix of Kroil, M1, and ATF. The MK3's get a simple dunk in the brew for awhile then bore snake and wipe down (mostly because I don't like taking them apart).
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    Didn't notice this thread earlier:

    During our January cold snap we hit minus 10 one Saturday morning. I was feeling a little cabin fever so headed out to the pit with my AR. I had zero malfunctions in about 60 rounds. My lube is synthetic 0W-20.
    In fact, I use that for all weather on all of my firearms.
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