AR 15 craze

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    S.W. MO
    Asking the question "as a prepper", to me the answer becomes an easy yes because of the 5.56 being such a common round. Possible availability of parts and magazines (if needed) would be more reason(s). 5.56 AR platform, for a SHTF mentality, in my opinion is the way to go.
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    There is a valid reason to love your enemies. When the time comes, they will give you lots of cool gear, once they no longer have a use for it. That includes tactical stuff too.
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    There will most likely be some very good Deals on the horizon. Be patient.
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    The AR-15 is the son of the M-16 rifle. It has become the American Rifle.
    Those of us who lived with the M-16 are now old guys with memories. Our government gave us the M-16. Now the Democrats want to take the AR-15 away. Life is a contradiction:usa2:.
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    I think the AR 15 is as close to a perfect survival SHTF weapon as you can get. apparently so does the US Military as since the M 16 was issued, they no longer are looking for a specified "survival rifle" like the neat little .22 hornet M-4. with all the AR 15s out there, parts will be easier to find and you don't have to be a gunsmith to work on them, ammo will be common also you can switch uppers to use alternative ammo, even in 5.56 you can take deer sized game or smaller game because they are more than accurate enough for head shots. and if things get bad you have enough firepower to better defend yourself. my $.02
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    exactly, when it comes down to it, the ar pattern rifle can pretty much do everything you would need it to, some things better than others, but there are few weapons with such wide capabilities, from a survival standpoint. the military has the luxury of mnay different weapons for many different objectives.
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    In a gunfight, the logical rule will be to "shoot what you brung". Emergencies have a way of dispelling logic so it's good to have options.

    As for prepping, I would think the most common guns and calibers that you can find parts for. AR's fill that definition but there other choices.

    Right now, I'm looking into a pump action conversion kit for an AR15 (just reading up on them for now). It basically replaces the gas system and makes sort of a hand powder piston. It will be interesting to see what the accurate fire rate can be - and it would circumvent a semi-auto ban (temporarily)
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    i posted a little while back about the troy pump action rifle. for the reasons you mentioned it is a really cool concept. it can use many ar-15 parts, not all. the pump action would make it more reliable and robust compared to a DI or piston system. probably more accurate with less moving parts. and yes less likely to be banned/ outloawed by the govt.

    just imagine arguing " oh its just a simple ole pump action.. nothing scary" then they see it " OMG its a black rifle"!!

    the folding stock is handy too!

    its just little on the pricey side..
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    with a pump action you could load some really quiet subsonic ammo if you have a suppressor.
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    I can see some of the features and benefits but I still threw up in my mouth a little.

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    I'm not sure about this. The AK design goes back to 1946. The AR design goes back to the late '50s and wasn't fielded to regular troops until a decade after that. The SKS came out in 1945 and is still being fielded by second-line troops Cambodia, Laos, China, North Korea and Vietnam, as well as several African countries. It is even still seeing service in Ukraine with pro-government militias.

    We gave ARs away to numerous countries, and the absolute second those countries got to the point they could ditch them, they did.

    We are currently only one of two countries on the planet using AR-15/M16 derivatives as a primary weapon, and the other is moving towards a home-brewed AR-18-based platform and phasing out the American rifle within the next four-to-six years. Out of 195 recognized countries in the world, 108 still use an AK or AK derivative - the Department of the Navy has even purchased three different AK derivatives for Special Forces use. The AK is also the only "modern" rifle to be featured on a national flag - Mozambique.

    Several months ago I wrote up a study on the success rates in wars for the side using the AR/M16-derived platforms versus virtually anything else. It is on this site somewhere. In 115 examples, the side using the AR-based platform won decisively once (indecisively, it won twice, though technically that war has been raging for 700 years in the Philippines, and both sides have had multiple "victories"). The SKS actually had a greater success record (in 18 wars, the side using the SKS won 8 times, lost once, and the rest are yet-to-be-determined).

    In 10 years even the U.S. is expected to completely drop the platform (we haven't even completely dropped the M14 platform yet), meanwhile 100 years from now the AK and ITS derivatives will still be encountered around the world. Heck, the "next gen" rifle platform for the Israelis is largely an AK variant.

    Truly great weapons designs are held onto by rebels and partisans forever. The AK and SKS are like the Mosin, the Lee-Enfield, the Martini, the Jezail, Enfield muskets, and the Brown Bess before them. Those suckers will be picked up on battlefields 150 years or more after their debut. I was reading an article recently about troops in Afghanistan still seeing shepherds watching over their flocks with 1853 Enfields loaded with shot or with old flintlocks and doglocks.
  12. AR Platform? No... 5.56, Yes! ... While I have more than one, To me having reliable weapons in the most prolific calibers is a more realistic way of looking at prepping, which can vary by country and region and I think that most folks with much firearms experience can easily name off close to a Dozen calibers that will likely be able to be found, scrounged or traded for for an extended time after (name your apocalyptic event here). So that being the most important point the second and third biggest points IMO for the longer term is weapons that are prolific enough that you will likely be able to get repair parts for them, with a bonus if you can do the repairs without being a gunsmith. So Yes, the AR is a good platform for that at least here in the US just because they are so prolific and user repairable, in other areas of the world not so much so.

    That being said how user repairable a weapon is I don't feel is as important as many think, as I've been shooting for over 40 years and the only firearm I've managed to wear out enough that I't needed repairs has been an old Glenfield 60 that I've had since before I could drive a car, and even it was still functional though not relaible due to the tangs on the Hammer having broken off after years and years of use much of it heavy. Another way of looking at it is how many of us have or know of someone who has a firearm that is still serviceable even after use by multiple generations? ... and How many have Older Family rifles that you have a difficult time finding ammo for due to the caliber it was chambered in falling out of favor? Just my 2c's worth.
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    I have a friend who buys 2 of every gun, 2 ARs, 2 45s, 2 38s, etc, just alike. In his ARs he shoots one a lot and keeps the other with a low round count, which makes some sense. His second gun is broken in, sighted properly yet kept nearly new. His shooter, should it break would then become a parts gun. Another buddy does the same, he has 2 Glock 19s, one for carry another in the safe.

    That is the way I am with ARs, I have 2 in 5.56 and 2 in 300BLK. The second in 300 is a pistol, but like I said, most parts are the same. So, everybody should have 2 ARs, IMHO.
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    The AR 15 in 350 Legend does not cost $1000. I built one to hunt deer this coming season for about $400. With the right ammo I can hit targets like this at 100yds. 5 round pattern 170gr Hornady SP 350 Legend..jpg
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    My .450 cost a little more than that. I paid closer to $500 for just the upper assembly. And I've got it on an expensive (but cool) Sharps lower with a trigger from LaRue. will group at 100 yards with hand loads.
    The uppers have come down some, and you don't *need* anything but a basic lower. A good trigger really helps when bench shooting though.
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    Blaster, It is totally illegal to own an original Air Force Fairchild . 22 Hornet. These were surveille tools for pilots during WWII.
    The Nazi Pilots were given very high end Drillings 3 barrel rifle and shot guns. They are legal to own if you can afford one.
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    For SHTF....almost any rifle will do (compared to those with nothing)
    I chose the Mini 14. It also takes 5.56NATO/223REM, just like the AR15.
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    AK Hunter how much did it cost to buy the AR then convert it to .350 ledgend ?Was it $400 for everything ? Or was it $400 hundred to covert a Ar you already had .
    In my area a CMMG chambered in 350L. Cost anywhere from $850 -$1000 . If I go and buy a AR for $500 then buy the parts needed to convert to .350 ledgend . Cost $400 that would bring the total to roughly $900 . That would only save me $100 . Plus the hassle of finding the parts then all the time waiting on the parts .
    Now if the Ar plus the conversion cost $400 then I could at some point afford to do that

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    The big caveat not mentioned however is that when it comes to outfitting all of these other countries special forces or higher tier elite troops.... regardless of whatever other standardized platform weapon their main military uses... almost all of them rock an M16 or M4 variant...

    From all over, Western European nations, Asia, middle east, central America. etc.

    I was at a pistol class taught by a former Australian SAS guy once. Someone asked him during a break why they carried the M4 vs the AUG like the rest of the Aussie Army...

    His answer.

    Because the M4 is a better overall platform for reliability, modularity and weapons handling (ergonomics).

    See below examples of a bunch of M4 varients in use by soldiers from nations who's big army primarily doesn't carry the M4.

    Austrailian SAS.jpg
    British SAS.jpg
    Canada Special Forces.jpg
    French RMIMa.jpg
  20. 46camper

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    I plan on having a AR at some point . For me it would be best to buy already in the caliber that I will use the most. That would be .350 ledgend. I may end up buying a CMMG chambered in 350L .
    If our great government ever get this stimulus bill passed and I have everything taken care of and I feel that it’s ok to buy something like that .
    I do believe that the AR is a good weapon . It’s also a good survival weapon also.
    I also believe that if SHTF ever happens and it’s so bad that we have to be in gun fights that will be my choice of weapon.
    I don’t think that SHTF will ever get to that point before the US military steps in to restore order. If it dose I will be to old to be running around in the brush . With any firearm.
    Also I think in my area the 12gauge is the most prominent weapon . I would bet that 9 out of ten homes has a Remington 870 ,Mossberg 500 or Ithaca 37 sitting in a closet or a corner . Out of those same 9 only 5 of those have a AR15 . I’m also sure each and every day that changes.
    With all of that said until I get ahead a little bit to be able to afford the AR I want . The mighty 12gauge will have to suffice. For combat ,hunting small and large game.
    That and a decent sidearm I should be able to hold out. I have other rifles more designed for hunting . Plus I have a 21 yr. son ,3 nephews . One of them just came home from the Air Force . One thinking about joining a branch of the military. So if SHTF hits before I get a AR and I get to our families BOL . Those boys will fix me up with a AR .

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