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  1. OK. I have over 60 firearms but have never been interestead in owning a "BLACK RIFLE". With the upcomming election I am worrying about restrictions on the horrizon. It could be nothing but I have started to accumulate lowers. I have 8 so far and am trying to put together 25 AR-15 lowers by the first of the year. I am going to try to fit at least 1 AR-10 in there and about 7 to 10 AR-10 lowers in there somewhere. So now that I have rambled on here is the question. What are all the calibers that I can build uppers for the AR-15 lowers? If there are more than 25 then I would like to know. I want to include pistol calibers. I know about some calibers already. .22 long rifle/ .17 HM2/ .204/ 5.56-.223/ .223, .243, .25 wssm/ 7.62X39/ 6.5 grendel/ 6.8 rem spc/ 9mm/ 40sw/ .45acp/ .50 beuwolf. I haven't seen others mentioned but know there are more.
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    I would guess you mean uppers that will still be auto-loading? because I have seen crazy looking uppers with 30-06 and even .50 bmg in a bolt action that pin onto a lower. other than that you about covered them all but you missed .308 or 7.62x51NATO.

  3. I think you near covered it... I'd love to have an AR in .45acp
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    I know what I'm going to do with one of my AR's, but the second one I'm stuck on. C Products is now shipping 30 mags for a 7.62x39 build. I'm also thinking of building one that uses un-modified Uzi mags.
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    Someone also makes it in 7.62x25, however I've yet to see one.
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    isn't there a 458 socom upper?
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    Yes... there are many more also, but not with "commercially available" ammo... the grendel, beowulf, 458 socom, and a few others are questionable as far as that goes.

    I saw one in the 5.7x28 round (fn magazines on the top, ejects through the magwell)

    There's 6x45, 6.5/7/300/357 wssm, and a bunch others that are "wildcats" or stuff you'd have to handload for. You pretty much covered everything that has ammo you can buy as far as I can tell. There's probably a few others.
  9. The 6.5 Grendel upper will fit an AR platform, and it is accurate, and if you reload, it would be my choice.
  10. Thanks for the input folks. I intend to build one in each caliber. I do reload but am not interested in wildcatting. I was wondering if there are any uppers in .22 mag, .17HMR, and .30 carcine. Is the .300 whisper for an AR-15 lower or an AR-10 lower?
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    I didn't even know there was a difference in lowers...i suppose long action shells wouldn't eject on a short action upper?
  12. AS far as I can tell it has to do with the magazine well and maybe a little longer though I am not sure about that part. I do know that the AR-10 magazine well is larger than the AR-15. Other than that I don't know that there are any other differences. I only want to build semi auto rifles so as far as I can tell there are about 20 different possabilities . I figure that 25 lowers should be plenty and leave a couple extra.