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BATF's position is that if your AR15 type rifle contains even one
M16 part/component it is considered a Machine Gun. Early Colt
AR's and Some Eagle Arms AR's that I have come across came
with M16 Bolt Carriers. You should check your Rifle and compare
the Parts in the inclosed attachment to see if you have a legal Rifle.
Just these 5 Parts together will still not make your Gun fire Full-Auto
The Final Part for that is called the AUTO SEAR and comes in 2
forms. The Military Version which came on all Armed Forces M16s
and the DROP IN Sear which was made in the aftermarket and drops
in the Lower Receiver and can be quickly removed.......

If you have any illegal M16 Pieces in your Rifle it is best to alter
them to the AR15 configuration or outright replacement them
all together.... The Penalty now days for having an illegal or
unregistered Machine Guns can be up to 10 years in Prison and
a 100,000 Dollar Fine. Thats just for Possession if the Rifle was
part of a Crime/Felony your looking at 40 yrs to Life....

Now days with Terrorism, etc. BATF doesn't play around. if they
Consider your Rifle illegal they will prosecute you to the Max even
if you are an innocent victim of not knowing what you Have. They
have the attitude if you own an assault type weapon like the AR
then you should Know what you have.........Don't take any chances
if you find any of these Parts in your AR Remove or destroy them
and put the Correct Parts back in.......Its not worth a Prison term,etc
and then you would be a Felon who wouldn't be able to own Guns
when you were eventually Released .....Better to be Safe then Sorry...
if you have a Friend or know someone that owns any Version
of an AR15 please pass this on to them.........Better to be safe then
Sorry even if you are an innocent victim.........S.M.C/O D.K
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