AR-7 really that bad ?

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    I was thinking about a Henry AR-7 in silver finish. I've always wanted an AR-7. You hear stories about how the other manufacterer's AR-7s would go "full auto" or jam alot. Henry has such a good reputation that I actually ordered one but the store couldn't find a distributor to send them one (they could find a black one & a camo version but no silver) so I just paid the difference on a stainless Ruger 10/22 and took it home instead.
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    Good choice you'll be pleased with the 10-22 the ar-7 is ment as a servival rifle modled after one made for the air foce not sure of the make or manufacturer.
    the 10-22 is more acurate and reliable.
    If you can get a shotgun news they have several wholesalers that have the ar-7 for about $107 to $125 you can also contact henry on the net and they will get you in contact with a wholesaler in your area. they are fun I have one in camo(keep it behind the seat in my truck great spur of the moment chuck gun.
    I also have a 10-22 alot more fun!
    My ex-brother inlaw owens a gun shop and specializes in ruger the 10-22 is a hot seller he can't keep more than 4 on the shelf at any one time. sells about 6 a week.

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    the AR-7 is one hell of a gun i have seen sean connery as 007 bring down a helicopter in flames with one!!!!!!:rolleyes: ;)
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    and lots of movie punks shoot sideways and hit targets while they are falling or diveing to. Sure don't make it real. But then again you know that. I did like that sean though.
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    opps that should have been liked that scene not sean. I wish some one would invent a key board the worked like a hand gun you know point or aim and shoot intsead of hunt and peck.
  6. I have a older AR-7 as long as you use copper jacketed rounds it operates flawlessly. Pretty decent accuracy too.

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    I still like it for backpacking/hiking/camping after all....
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    The sears and other trigger group parts are light gauge stamped steel. The engaging surfaces are punched out, not machined. I do not know about the Henrys, but the older Armalite and AR-7 Industries guns had a major problem with parts wearing out or bending, causing full auto fire. I have seen some of the newer ones with defective stock parts. Some of the stocks seem warped and the cap for the butt is often cracked. This is on the original AR-7 design where the stock acts as a storage case. The AR-22, with a conventional stock does not have this problem.
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    For the same price range, check out the Marlin Papoose. It has the take-down barrel and short stock, with a time-proven action and good accuracy. The only thing it lacks compared to the AR7 is the hollow stock to store the barreled action in.
  11. Mine is a Armalite AR-7 Explorer. Like I said the only problem I have had with it is lead bullets tend to hang up while feeding into the barrel. Klaus is correct -- cheap made parts!!!
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    Henry states on it's website that they have made improvements in their copy...
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    I have just always wanted one...
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    Logansdad, a friend of mine collects .22's exclusively, and he absolutely loves his Henry AR-7. I've shot it myself and have to admit it's a d*mn far sight better than the originals. His seems to love CCI Stingers, which is a plus.
    I had an original, and didn't like it too well. Never had any of the feeding/firing problems, though. My main problem was that the "cocking handle" kept flying out on me. After 2 trips back to the store where I got it to try to have it fixed, I sold it to.
    However, after shooting my buddy's AR-7, I have been seriously thinking on getting one myself.:)
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    If I see one at the gunshow tomorrow it's mine
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    You already said that.....:D
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    resurrectin' ole threads Joe..dadgum !
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    Henry Repeating Arms has tooled up to manufacture a new and improved version of the famous U.S. Air Force AR-7, now known as the Henry U.S. Survival rifle. This compact and lightweight sportsman’s rifle is ideal for all outdoorsmen, including campers, backpackers, hunters, fishermen, boat owners and target shooters. And it can still serve its original purpose as a survival rifle for pilots.

    The Henry U.S. Survival rifle is ultra-lightweight, weighing in at a scant 2.5 pounds. The unique design allows the rifle to break down easily into three pieces in seconds. This enables the barrel, action and two 8-round magazines to fit comfortably into the tough ABS synthetic waterproof stock. No tools are needed to assemble or disassemble. Once disassembled and stowed, it is only an incredible 16 inches long. Carry it in your backpack with room to spare.

    To assemble, simply attach the receiver to the stock, insert the barrel, screw on the barrel nut and you’re ready to fire. In seconds, you’ll have the security of a semi-automatic rifle without the bulk and weight of a full size firearm.

    The Henry U.S. Survival rifle features a steel barrel that is covered in a tough ABS plastic and then coated in Teflon. This unique barrel design allows the gun to balance properly and remain lightweight, yet withstand tens of thousands of rounds. The entire receiver is also coated in Teflon, making the Henry U.S. Survival rifle the most weather-resistant of any AR-7 ever made. As an added feature, the receiver rib is now grooved for easy installation of a scope.

    The rifle is capable of feeding both standard and high velocity .22 Long Rifle ammunition. Available in black, silver or camouflage finishes.