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  1. Hey does anyone feed their AR 50grain Hollow Points? I've only ever shot FMJ thru mine, but walmart had a Fedral 200rd HP pack for $75

    Any feeding issue?
  2. Pred

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    50gr or 55gr?

  3. riverider

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    A local dealer had some 42gr copper Frag. type Corbon Ammo. I bought a box and it would not cycle in my AR.
    Had to shoot single shot. Unless you care to play around with the buffers it just might not work.
    Myself I don't think I would invest $75 bucks unless I could test a few rounds of it first.
  4. 50 grain jacketed hollow points
  5. You'll have to buy it and try it out. All AR's are different.
  6. Well I went ahead and got it. we'll see.
  7. I shoot 52 grain hp in both of my AR's, never a problem.
  8. TACAV

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    hmm Ive never tried 50 grain before.

    Im currently stockpiling 55 Grain XM193C Lake City Ammo.
  9. My rifle seems to like XM193 and SS109 the best.
  10. ghost_raven

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    Yeah... I have a bunch of Federal XM193 in anticipation of my AR.
  11. rfc357

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    37.5 cents a pop? Wow! I'm glad I shoot nothing but reloads..............
  12. Darkfront

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    I shot some Remington UMC 50gr HPs through a DPMS. They cycled fine, but wind deflection was horrific at 200 yds. Yes I know, those aren't really 200 yd rounds, but they were lying around. Just my 2 cents.
  13. M14man

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    At current reloading costs; I can reload SS109 or the equivalent for about 18¢ a round if I use range pick-up brass. Not too much of a chore to reload 500 with a old Dillon. I can do 4 a minute average not rushing, but I do hand wipe the lube off which time is not counted.
  14. samuel

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    Dont know where you get 50gr arent 200yd rds.Using factory drop chart the 50gr bullet has just a slight advantage over 55gr bullets and at 300yds they are about equal meaning they would have about equal wind deflection and at 300yds the 50gr bullet has a very slight advantage over the 55gr bullet.Dont know why it wouldnt be good for 200yds. sam.
  15. You wont go wrong with Lake city, they make ammo for our military.
    Good stuff.
  16. Darkfront

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    Maybe my barrel just doesn't like the rounds then, I'm not too sure, but they sure didn't group well in my gun. Flyers everywhere, and the shots seemed to be tracking with the wind, in line with how it was blowing. Granted, my sights weren't set for this ammo specifically, but I've fired enough to know when the groups are my fault or not.

    The ballistics charts only give a point of reference anyway, and most are under very specific conditions of barrel length, etc. I take all charts with a grain of salt until I shoot the ammo, and the real world evaluation of this ammo in my gun was that it was serviceable, but not necessarily the best for me. Hopefully someone else will have better luck with it than I did. And just to reinforce the question, they cycled fine.
  17. For plinking, target, or whatever it's fine stuff.

    Not a great choice for home defense though.
  18. The twist in my AR is 1:7 and doesn't like the lighter bullets at all. A buddy of mine has a Mil Spec. AR with a 1:8 twist barrel. He loads with 52 gr with superb results He liked the 50gr bullets, he just was able to load a slightlt more accurate load wit the 52s
  19. damage855

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    Mine really likes the corbon for some reason.