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AR15 Good or not

  • There a very good gun

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  • There a totel piece of junk

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AR15 any good or a piece of junk

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Is the AR15 a good gun or a piece of junk?:confused: I now that some guys will swere by them others say that threre a piece of junk. Also is ther a sirtin brand that is better than the rest?
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With the parts available today, you can build an AR that is an excellent firearm. The quality of parts and the workmanship has gone up 100-fold since the first civilian sporters were offered by Colt. Now that so many companies are offering AR rifles and parts, the competition side is driving up the quality. Add to that the limitless amount of add-ons for the AR series rifles and it will be hard to beat, no matter what you use it for: CQB, Varmint hunting, DCM competition, plinking etc.
When used within the limitations of it's cartridge, it's a fine gun. The problem comes in using a varmint cartridge on drugged-up terrorists. If you want a tight group or to drop a varmint, it's awesome. It's one of those guns that has so much aftermarket stuff available, you can build a truly unique gun. Like a Ruger
10-22 on steroids.
(But I have to draw the line at Cavalry Arms pink stock sets!)

This doesn't show it, but on they have a picture showing it in pink! Might be cute for your girlfriend's AR, or that next Gay Pride march. There's also white and a light tan now.

I kinda like the gray one.
AR-15 Don't knock it until you try it. How come I don't see more people claiming the lemon law--if they are a piece of junk???
Ok apparently you have never fired one or owned one.
I have fired them but a book that I have Surviel guns said that thay are no good but than again it was wrote just after nam when the M16 hade a bad rap.
Everything I have seen and heard suggests that it's a fine rifle for given applications. I can't see it as a good choice for a standard issue military rifle, but I can definitely see it having some use is specific situations. I think it's great in civilized areas, where you don't have all the elements affecting it. I hope to get one some day, but no hurry.
i believe this is a great rifle.......i would stake my life on my pre ban Colt ar 15.......this and my shootin.......doesnt matter what cartridge....i hit what i aim at within 400 yards open sight
Scoped is better.
forced to use as primary duty weapon but do not feel undergunned. allways has gone bang when the trigger was pulled. Besides, I have too many tools to haul around to carry a high quality weapon :)
I prefer Bushmaster, but Colt, Olympic Arms etc are excellent as well. It's an excellent weapon depending on your intentions for it. A good buffalo gun it is not.....
Originally posted by TellSackett
Is the AR15 a good gun or a piece of junk?:confused: I now that some guys will swere by them others say that threre a piece of junk. Also is ther a sirtin brand that is better than the rest?

This depends on what you want the rifle for .

Punching holes in paper ? A match grade AR is great at that .

4 legged varment , great .

2 legged varment , maybe , but I would seriously consider .30 caliber .

The AR-15 / M-16 MUST be kept clean .

Ammo is reasonably priced .

If you want a rifle you can neglect , get an AK . Or a good bolt gun .

God Bless
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I think ARs are very good rifles. I think they just got off to a bad start, thus they still carry around a bad reputation. I love my Bushmaster though. There is obviously a lot of bad stories about them from the 60-70s, but anyone I have talked to recently who has been in the service, never had much bad to say about them. I know everyone says .30 cal is so much better, but I wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of .223. From what I have heard, .223 shoots flatter than say 7.62x39, and you can carry more of it too. I like mine, but to each his own.....
The 7.62x39 is a better round--less deflection for sure. Look I like both calibers, but if I had my choice of stopping power--7.62 over .223. As far as the rifle is concerned--AR-15.
It's like having two best friends--They both have their faults and they both have their good points.
Well, now you can get an AR-15 in 7.62x39 again. You can get it in any configuration too. If you want to convert your preban to 7.62x39 you can order the kit/upper for that too. That way you can have the best of both worlds. I'm sure others are selling them too, but the ad I saw was from ASA. Good Shooting!
As far as how well suited the M16 is for use by the military, consider this: The M16, in it's various forms, has the longest service record for ANY rifle the US has ever fielded. Accuracy? The AR15 is now the rifle to beat at 1000yd competition. Reliability? In 6 yrs in the Army, I saw exactly ONE M16 that wouldn't run. Durability? Any rifle will fail you if you treat it like a club.
Piece of junk-- then don't buy one. Stand down range and get you some.
Toby Keith
oooh, ooooh, gotta get ya some ..........bullets!
Jerry right on!!!!
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