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AR15 comparison question

Discussion in 'AR15' started by oneastrix, May 8, 2002.

  1. oneastrix

    oneastrix G&G Newbie

    I'm not trying to start any arguments here......

    I love the Ar15. I own one and am issued one by my department. However, I feel the itch to buy a new toy! I am interested in the Professional Ord Carbon 15. I know nothing about it, just that I like the way it looks. Has anybody ever fired one? Will a Carbon Upper fit on an AR lower? I didn't know where else to post this....
  2. Klaus

    Klaus G&G Newbie

    The Carbon 15 is a heavily modified AR. I doubt most parts are interchangeable. It is super light weight and seems to be well made. My local gun store has one that I am thinking of putting on layaway.

  3. Mike the JAG

    Mike the JAG G&G Newbie

    From what I've heard, the Carbon 15 works great until it falls apart, which happens in a few thousand rounds.
  4. BattleRifleG3

    BattleRifleG3 G&G Evangelist

    Carbon 15 is NOT interchangeable with AR, only uses the same mags. I personally don't see the point of sparing weight if it ruins the balance of the rifle, making it barrel heavy.
  5. Klaus

    Klaus G&G Newbie

    The Carbon 15 is NOT barrel heavy. It has a super lightweight barrel, too.
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  6. BattleRifleG3

    BattleRifleG3 G&G Evangelist

    Hmm. Are they all the same? Maybe I'm thinking of a different rifle. But I know that most parts do not interchange.
  7. oneastrix

    oneastrix G&G Newbie

    Ah heck, maybe I'll save a little more $ up and go for the Springfield M1A I've been drueling over for a while. I like the .308NATO. I'd probably rarely shot it, but I need one just the same. Thanks for the advice!
  8. m14nut

    m14nut G&G Newbie

    Why not try an M4 clone?:assult:
  9. Logansdad

    Logansdad Guest

    Gun Tests magazine tried it out last year and really liked it.