AR15 mags and 22. conversion kit

Discussion in 'AR15' started by yotekilla, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. yotekilla

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    i just need some info on TAPCO mags are they as good as magpul mags cuz there 10 bucks on CTD, also on there are 3 22. conversion kits i have heard many good things about the spikes tactical as i have with the other 2 i just dont know how to pick 1 from the other i like the 25 rd black dog mags cuz u can take em apart i do not have a 22 dedicated upper i have a cmmg M4 LE with a gas piston any info would be alot of help
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    In my experience, I've never had a failure with the one time I used a Tapco mag, but I did not run it very hard, nor did I use it for any extended period of time. MagPul mags feel a little more substantial to me, and I've run them pretty hard. They've hit the deck multiple times, been slapped, thrown and used as a monopod. Hard to beat that for an extra 4 or 5 bucks over the Tapco...

    As for .22 conversions, I don't have one, but I believe the CMMG, Spikes and Ceiner are all based on the same basic design, originally called the Atchison. Each of them are pretty popular choices and I haven't heard one being better than the other.

  3. If your serious about shooting an AR .22 buy a Spikes upper. I wish I had instead of screwing around with an adaptor.
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    im not that serious i just wanna have fun and shoot fun cheap ammo and i just wanna know wut u guys think is most reliable for the best price
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    I used my CMMG conversion yesterday for the first time. My AR was dirty and hasn't been cleaned for a few years after shooting wolf ammo through it. I opened up the upper, took out the bolt and carrier, put the .22 unit in and closed it up. That easy. I loaded the mag, 26 round mag, (I couldn't get 26 into it, close to 20, I didn't really keep count) put it in and started shooting. I love this thing. My shooting was all from the red dot that I had sighted in for about 75 yards. It hit where I was aiming, 25 yards or so. I didn't shoot on paper, just steel. I had one failure to extract when the round didn't fire. I fired about 100 rounds. Everything went really smooth. To change back, I opened it up, took the .22 unit out and put the regular bolt and carrier back in. Fired about 20 rounds of regular ammo through it, no problems. I would highly recommend the CMMG .22 unit for the AR. CDNN Sports is where I got mine. 2 26 round mags, stainless steel .22 conversion and shipping, $198. Just my opinion. Rapid fire was done several times and it functioned fine each time.