Are we about to see a major change in religion denominations?

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    Most everyone is aware of some of the charges levied against the Catholic priests recently. If so, just read this excerpt taken from: Everyday life in The Sixteenth Century by Haydn Middleton; Published by Silver Burdett Co., 1982, P12.

    "…The Church was far more important than it is today. Church-bells announced the time for work or meals or rest. Church law-courts enforced Christian behavior, Monasteries acted as hospitals. Bishops and cardinals were among a monarch's most trusted advisers.

    But many priests, monks and bishops failed to set the people a good example. The Roman Catholic Church had become immensely rich. Too many clergymen cared more for wealth and pleasure than for their religious duties. Critics protested about the state of the Church, and suggested ways to improve it.

    The Catholic authorities took little notice. So these "Protestants" began to set up their own church."
    This occurred about the time Martin Luther began discussing reforming the religion of the land. As most of you know, Martin Luther was a German professor who started to complain about the Roman Catholic Church in 1517. Eventually, he set up his own "Protestant" or "Lutheran" church.
    My point being…with all the turmoil going on today, are we about to see another major change in direction for some of our religion denominations?

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  2. You know Oxford I believe we will eventually see a one world religion. It would make sense.--Not a good thing.


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