Are You Getting Pumped At The Gas Pump?

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    I received an email today, from a very reliable investigating source in regards to, at least (75) Michigan gas stations have been fined by Department of Weights and Measures for pumping less than (1) gallon of gasoline, per gallon price.

    This does not surprise me as I posted a comment awhile back about filling up a gallon can of gas for my lawnmower which the pump read (1) gallon.... but my can was only about 8/10ths full. I dropped a dime on 'em. Several months later, the station was closed, but I have no idea of why? Might been a tax lein or some other circumstances?

    If you are filling your tanks, with 20-30 gallons or more...might be a good idea to pump that first gallon into a gallon can to see just what you are paying for, and stick with that station for future purchases, if the reading is correct. Just a suggestion!
  2. I think a lot are not only doing that, but price gouging at the pump.

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  4. LMFAO!

    Oh and I always try to NEVER EVER buy from Citgo. Not about to make Chavez and richer. That anti-American PRI_K. Him and his buddy Sean Penn. What a Sleeze ball he is also. Don't they look all chummy together?



    Um, er, wait, is someone going to tell me Sean Penn is actually CIA? Like what was his name, Chuck Barris host of the Gong show? lmfao
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    I quit watching that jerkoff's movies, to protest his stupidity. I don't understand why all these actors think, just because they made a lot of money, that they're smarter than average. They should have closed the border, and refused him reentry into the country. Let him stay with his pal for awhile, and see how he likes living in a third world nation for an extended period.
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    If he could live there with the same benefits that Chavez has he probably wouldn't want to come back.
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    Only too true. Put a peon in power, and he becomes exactly what he was fighting against! Ole hugo is really enjoying his newfound power. Yep, he got to the top, so he must be better than the rest!
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    The volume you pay for stays the same, but the mass (i.e. the part that makes the car go in new cars) of fuel depends on the temperature--colder fuel is more dense than warmer fuel.

    Airplanes calculate the actual fuel uploaded (in pounds or kilos) based on the specific gravity (i.e. density--varies with temperature) of the fuel. This is printed out by the refueler, and verified by onboard equipment.

    If you're given a choice, I'd gas up with colder fuel.

    That sign ROCKS, Moose !
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    The question I have is that if a gas station gets a visit from the tanker maybe once every other week, why does the price go up three or even four times during that two weeks? You'd think the price of gasoline would be going up at the same intervals of time that the tanker truck makes it's rounds.
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    The fuel in the tank (on that day) has become worth more. Just like Gold or anything else invested in. Higher profit margin. If your gas station gets it's gas on Monday, and the one across the street gets his on Friday (buying at a higher price), in order to make any money the guy across the street has to charge more. Your gas station can now charge more as well (but maybe slightly less than the guy across the street to keep the business). On Friday, the fuel in the tanks is worth the same at both stations (even though yours paid less for it to start with). Although gas stations don't make alot of money on the gas in general.
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    I totally agree,Furthermore it seems all of these hollywood types have some leftwing cause on their agenda.
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  13. I checked this week end if I were getting the gas I was paying for, I actualy got more than I paid for.
    Which was just a few 10th's
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    I also checked a few weeks with multiplying what was pumped by the number of gallons and it came out correct....sadly...As if they weren't screwing us over enough they have to go and do stuff like that. Exxon makes $84,000 a minute. That's over 120 million per day. We're being raped.
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    Well, here's the question again and I'll ask it: So, what are we gonna do about it? Complain and moan and do nothing or come up with a solution? That's what I say.
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    ^^Buy oil stocks.......That'll stick it to "the man" -- big oil. Then you become "big oil" to and can cash in......

    The way out is bulid nuclear breeder reactors, exploit renewables, burn our own coal, open the taps for America's own oil in the mean time, and develop our fusion reactors and electric-hydrogen cars (or simliar). Everyone's been talking about that here for quite some time; those in Warshington give us writing on paper, ban light bulbs, and cap and if words on paper put power in the lines or fill our tanks....need to build stuff now and drill and mine our own in the mean time. So vote 'em out is another help. Let them know how you feel as well.

    But we continue to pay more and send the $ to countries that hate us. Luckily, all the prez nominees understand the situation :( !!
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