Are you REALY a redneck, read and find out.

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  1. grizcty

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    We have enjoyed the redneck jokes for years. It's time to
    Take a reflective look at the core beliefs of a culture that
    Values home, family, country and God. If I had to stand
    Before a dozen terrorists who threaten my life, I'd
    Choose a half dozen or so rednecks to back me up.
    Tire irons, squirrel guns and grit -- that's what rednecks are
    Made of. I hope I am one of those. If you feel the
    Same, pass this on to your redneck friends.
    Y'all know who ya are

    You might be a redneck if:
    It never occurred to you to
    Be offended by the phrase, 'One nation, under God..'

    You might be a redneck if:
    You've never protested about seeing
    The 10 Commandments posted in public places.

    You might be a redneck if
    : You still say ' Christmas'
    Instead of 'Winter Festival.'

    You might be a redneck if:
    You bow your head when

    Someone prays.

    You might be a redneck if:
    You stand and place your
    Hand over your heart when they play the National Anthem

    You might be a redneck if:
    You treat our armed forces
    Veterans with great respect, and always have.

    You might be a redneck if:
    You've never burned an
    American flag, nor intend to.

    You might be a redneck if:
    You know what you believe
    And you aren't afraid to say so, no matter who is listening.

    You might be a redneck if
    : You respect your elders and
    Raised your kids to do the same.

    You might be a redneck if:
    You'd give your last dollar to
    A friend.

    If you got this from me, it is because I believe that
    You, like me, have just enough Red Neck in you to have the
    Same beliefs as those talked about in message.

    God Bless the USA !
  2. SwedeSteve

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    Amen Brother !! Thank you for reminding me from whence I came !!

  3. srt 10 jimbo

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    And on a lighter note: "You might be a redneck if you thought the "Nutcracker" was something you did off the high dive".
  4. White Rook

    White Rook G&G Evangelist

    After reading that I now know that I'm a Redneck...God Bless the USA...
  5. billy

    billy G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    i got 5 outa 10
  6. Windwalker

    Windwalker G&G Newbie

    Great post Griz. Proud to be a redneck!
  7. Cyrano

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    New York
    Does having to burn an American flag because it's too tattered for further display count against you?

    And I'd add, "If you don't have to have explained to you that it's the declaratory clause of the Second Amendment that guarantees all the other Amendments in the Bill of Rights, you might be a redneck!"
  8. woody1981

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    Does this count? You might be a redneck if you like Chuck Norris!

    Thanks for this great post!
  9. Ninja Piper

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    Proud to be a redneck!
  10. TACAV

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    Redneck no, Proud American Yes! :D
  11. Ten Man

    Ten Man G&G Evangelist

    I'm with TACAV on this one.

    Those Ten traits/beliefs are common to both Rednecks and Proud American Citizens.
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  12. rl69

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    i have burned a few flags correctly of coarse and i never even heard of winter festival
  13. billy

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  14. Earl Easter

    Earl Easter Pheasant Hunter Forum Contributor

    Well i guess iam both Red and American......
  15. killsnapz

    killsnapz G&G Evangelist

    +2! I had a perfect score though I have never shot an animal gone hunting or camping or owned a pick up truck or dated a first cousin! Though I did live in the south for 13 years and liked it.

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  16. CopperniX

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    Does this mean G&G is full of rednecks? haha.
  17. mtncrash1

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    Always said I was a Redneck now I have proof. Great post thanks.
  18. TheLastMountain

    TheLastMountain G&G Evangelist

    I'm a Redneck American and **** proud to be one.
  19. Rave

    Rave G&G Evangelist

    I am definetly a red neck according to that test! I also love what's left of my country.:usa2:
  20. billy

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    Redneck is historically a derogatory slang term to refer to poor white Southern farmers in the United States.[1] It is similar in meaning to "cracker" (especially in Georgia and Florida), "hillbilly" (especially in Appalachia) and "white trash" (especially among blacks).[2][3]
    [​IMG]Look up redneck in Wiktionary, the free dictionary.
    The most common American usage, referring to the poor rural white Southerner, is probably derived from individuals having a red neck caused by working outdoors in the hot sun. A citation from 1893 provides a definition as "poorer inhabitants of the rural who work in the field, as a matter of course, generally have their skin burned red by the sun, and especially is this true of the back of their necks".[4] In recent decades the term expanded its meaning to mean bigoted, loutish and opposed to modern ways,