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argentine mauser

Discussion in 'Mausers' started by Mooseguy_87, May 27, 2006.

  1. Mooseguy_87

    Mooseguy_87 G&G Addict

    has anyone out there shot or owned a argentine mauser. I've got one and it was my first mauser rifle, but at the time i didn't know where to buy the ammo for it so I never shot it.

  2. Full MeTal Jack

    Full MeTal Jack G&G Evangelist

    Try AIM, Southern Ohio Guns, JG sales, Cole Distributing has some 270 622 3569,
    Cheap than dirt
    Does it have the Crest? Or is the Crest ground off.
    How much did you pay for it?

  3. inuyasha

    inuyasha G&G Addict

    i own one and i rather like it myself.. fairly heavy, certainly wouldnt care to do battle with the thing, but its a good well built gun. i personally have a 1891 argentine and a gun shop carries the ammo about 2 hours away from here.. runs about 35 cents a round though so its not the cheapest thing to use, but if yours is like mine that wont really matter to you. mine has a nice dark reddish color to it and while im dont go out using it a lot, its definitely something worth hanging onto. got it for $10 at a garage sale and had to buy a bolt for it.. $30 and it already had been bent down rather than straight out, which wouldve cost another $20 normally or so im told. i dunno about you but i dont see them a whole lot either, so it may gain a bit of worth in a couple years.

  4. Mooseguy_87

    Mooseguy_87 G&G Addict

    its more of a engineers carbine, really short rifle without the straight stock. i been thinking about putting it ona new wooden stock,tap it for a scope mount too because mine was cut downwhen I got it, plus the gun was free, my step dad gave it to me so you can't beat a free gun. Even though the gun stock is cut down, it still outweighs my k98, kinda funny.
  5. Full MeTal Jack

    Full MeTal Jack G&G Evangelist

    $10.......AAAHHHHHHH ! ! ! Excellent! Where do you sale at?
    Years ago at GS found a Belgian Mauser 7X57 Guard Model. Asking $89. Excellent condition. Asked our gun-nut mechanic whom I respected his opinion, he said, thats an obsolete caliber. I passed not knowing squat about mausers then.
    Now, I could KIKK him in where the sun don't shine! That was a TRUE Collectors Item

    I'd see how it shoots before investing time, effort and money into it first.
    My 1891 w/ground off crest shoots like crude even with Norma ammo. It's destin for the resale table some day.
    Last edited: May 28, 2006
  6. Mooseguy_87

    Mooseguy_87 G&G Addict

    good idea. Just need to get some ammo.
  7. 1963duce100

    1963duce100 G&G Newbie

    I have what apperars to be either a 1889 Belgin or a 1891 Argintine mauser in 7x57 I have had it 18 years and am just now getting arund to using it. I have removed the carbine sleeve over the barrel and glass bedded the stock.. I had it drilled and tapped for a scope two years ago. Will be working up a load next week.
  8. Mooseman684

    Mooseman684 G&G Newbie

    I have an 1891 Argentine Mauser Mfg. By Loewe , Berlin Germany that is 7.65 Argentine Caliber. It is full sporterized and scoped and Ammo is pretty Cheap! I got it in a trade deal...Shoots OK. And comparable to an 06 !
  9. Full MeTal Jack

    Full MeTal Jack G&G Evangelist

    Not to hot. The books say, ......actons were designed for 45,000 be careful no to achieve high pressure. :flame:
    Sounds like the 1888
  10. Mooseguy_87

    Mooseguy_87 G&G Addict

    todays memorial and I want to thank all the veterans, men and women that have served there country. And never forget the ones that laid down their lives for this country. Thank you to everybody on this website that is or at one time was in the service, I'm right behind you guys and girls that are on this forum
  11. spicybeefjerky

    spicybeefjerky G&G Newbie

    you can get military ammo for it from as well....havent had the chance to shoot any of it yet so i dont know how quality the stuff is
  12. Mooseguy_87

    Mooseguy_87 G&G Addict

    that is a good place to get ammo. I've bought turkisn 8mm fmj form themby the ammo box.
  13. FutureMarine

    FutureMarine G&G Enthusiast

    i have asked this a few times, dont know if anyone saw it or not, but hows the 70's production yugo ammo?
  14. Mooseguy_87

    Mooseguy_87 G&G Addict

    i personally prefer the turkish and romanian rounds. I've shot the yugo rounds and I didn't get good results, but I did with the other rounds. I read a "sgn" article about a guy scoping his k98. he tested all sorts of mil-surp 8mm rounds and his best results were with the turkish and romanian.
  15. spicybeefjerky

    spicybeefjerky G&G Newbie

    which one has the steel/nickel bullets...i cant recall but some old codger said that they were "bad" for the rifle
  16. MosinDave

    MosinDave G&G Addict

    the 40's turk 8mm rounds are nickel bullets and I have heard the same thing too. Can anyone else shed some light on this?
  17. Mooseguy_87

    Mooseguy_87 G&G Addict

    the bullets look like they have a nickel casing because the color of the bullet does not match the casing, at least in the rounds I bought.
  18. Gun Metal mike

    Gun Metal mike G&G Newbie

    Owner of a 1909 Argentine Mauser... For Sale, possibly??

    I currently own a 1909 Argentine Mauser that my grandfather gave to me as a gift. It's still the original calibre, yet i was told to convert to a 30-06. Don't know if I will go that route yet. I haven't looked hard enough for ammo for this thing but have found it quite a few times. I'm looking to possibly sell this rifle, any thought on what a decent condition one might be worth???:feedback: I have slight pitting in the barrel around the front end of the stock and the stock had been re-finished at one time but came out good. Any thoughts?? :feedback:
  19. Mooseguy_87

    Mooseguy_87 G&G Addict

    wow i forgot this thread existed
  20. JUNKER

    JUNKER G&G Newbie

    Well, if you remember I´m from Argentina...
    I have one from germany original with the same number on the barrel, stock, bolt action, then this rifle was made here in military factories under licence... so ("FM" = FABRICACIONES MILITARES, or military factories in english) make the original ammo for the argentine Mauser actually, you must to try to find the importers of the firm in USA, I know that "FM" factory, export some of its materials to USA, Because the argentine FAL go to USA... for example the Argentine Hi - Power (from Browning), made in Argentina under licence, was imported to USA by "Albatross International, Inc. of California... like I could read in the "Guns´94, buyers guide), I don´´t know if this firm actually excist, but you can find the importers in this kind of magazines.... and you can find actual and original ammo for the rifle...the factory, only make the military type, full metall jacket, but you can change the point if you want to hunt with it ... sorry my
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