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Discussion in 'Japanese Firearms' started by Bigcatfish, Mar 2, 2013.

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    Hello, i was recently over my grandfathers house looking through some possessions I found several rifles among his collection. Among them was a Arisaka of some sort, I have tried researching it on multiple websites and pictures but cant seem to narrow it down to what exactly it is.

    Here are the pictures.






    I realize some of these pictures are not of the best quality, if any more are needed please tell me so and i will take a few more with the specifics.

    Also my phone's camera isn't that good so the serial codes wouldn't show up. They are as follows 64274 and there is a symbol of two intersecting oval like shapes.

    Thank you for your time and insight on this topic and I look forward to hearing any feedback.
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    Your grandfathers rifle is a Type 99 Arisaka in 7.7 caliber.

    The symbols by the serial# determine the arsenal and series. If you get clear pictures of those we can tell what they are.

    The bolt is missing the safety ( and probably the spring and striker ) so it is not functional as it is.
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    A Type 99 like yours is a very fine rifle. They have one of the strongest actions ever over pressure tested.

    Yours is a desirable rifle. It has a full un-defaced Mum on it. That is the round "sliced orange" marking on your receiver.

    You also have the anti-aircraft sights on the rear sight. Those are the two wings sticking straight up. You pull these down on both side to get a reading on fireing at aircraft. They usually add about $50. to the value of the rifle.
    You should always check to be sure the rifleing spirals down your barrel and does not go straight up and down the bore. If it goes straight up and down it is a trainer and should not be fired.
    If it is spiral It should be shootable.
    If I had that rifle I would get the missing parts and make it functional again. With a little very light cleaning and the proper fixes your rifle would be worth about $250 to $300. At least in the Midwest.
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