Arisaka type 38 rifles

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    Pictured are two Arisaka model 38’s firearms a carbine and full size rifle. Both were brought back from the Pacific theatre. The Imperial Seal of Japan known or the Chrysanthemum Seal is present on both rifles. The full sized rifle still sports the dust cover. They are chambered in the 6.50 X 50mm cartridge. Other than accessional cleaning both are in 1944 battle field condition.


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    Very nice rifles! Milsurps sure have risen in price lately. So glad I got Dad's 98k he brought back. Yep it matches bolt and all.
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    I have one of the Type 38s (intact Mum) and two of the bayonets my father brought back from WWII. he was on the detail to take the surrendered weapons out and dump them in Tokyo bay. he and the other sailors could take all they wanted.
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    Like the rest of my milsurp collection I always thought the arisaka rifles were a little quirky and cool and I've had my fair share of them and up until recently it seems like they were sort of the odd man out for surplus rifles and they may have been in an oddball expensive cartridge but I still like them and I'm glad I recently had the chance to pick up another one for a project.
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