ArmaLite AR-10?

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Sora, May 14, 2008.

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    Greetings all,
    I'm a newbe here and was wondering if there are any ArmaLite AR-10 owners here. I'm interested in getting one but I want to do some research first. Living here in Hawaii, these type of rifles are rare. Any input on this will be greatly apreciated, thanks.
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    Welcome to G & G..

    I can't really evaulate a AR10 from personal experience, other than I really want one too.

  3. Welcome to G&G Sora. You should probably post this on the AR-15 Forum. They know all about these there. Just a few lines up from this Forum.
  4. If you're going to shoot High power Competition go for it. I have an M1a and a Garand (30-06) and after breaking in the barrel, I think the AR-10 shoots better than the "wood" guns. It shoots (benched) sub-MOA, the M1a ( both bought new by me, barrels broken in the same way) shoot MOA. The M1a is a "loaded" Springfield Armory rifle. NM barrel and front end, NM trigger. A buddy of mine has a Springfield Armory basic rifle accurized by a local gunsmith which shoots on a Par as my AR. My buddies rifle is on a Par with Springfield's SuperMatch with Walnut stock, does shoot sub-MOA. I know this only because I sold it to him and I bought it from the guy that had it accurized. It won the State championships in the late 70's and was in the top 10 at Camp Perry.

    Any way back to the AR-10, I like the sights on the AR-10 compared to the M1a. The NM triiger on the M1a seems better(lighter,crisper)M1a than the stock AR-10. The AR is easier for me to get into sling positions. Felt recoil on the AR seems lighter(at least to me). You can shoot the M1a in any CMP match The AR-10 Lists for the same price as a standard M1a. The supermatch M1a lists for 1000.00 and is not service match eligable either.

    Some of the above may be personal feelings as opposed to test measurements. If you are going to shoot in competion, you can buy (street price) an AR-10 and a loaded M1a for what you'll get a Supermatch M1a for.

    If you're going to use either one for hunting, I wouldn't. I feel there are better choices than the AR or M1a. Both Actions are battle proven, but the Saiga (AK) would be a good choice for Iraq as well.

    I have givven you my opinions and experiences, you have to ultimately decide whether you want an AR-10 or not. I don't know your purpose for wanting it so I can't tell you what I'd buy.

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    Thank you so much for the response gents. I am planning to use this rifle in shooting competition ( locally ). Thankyou Jersy Jailer for the info on the M1A. Thankyou Capt. Mil Coll for suggesting to put this issue in the AR-15 section, and thankyou Kodiak32 for your support. I'm taking the big step in shooting major load's with the club,lol. Now let's see if my shoulder can take it,lol. Mahalo and Aloha, Best Regards, Sora:)