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Recently I've been looking for a AR-style rifle--a type of firearm I've never owned, or even shot for that matter, so it's a learning experience. After a couple of weeks of wondering around the web and reading stuff, I think I've narrowed it down to 3 manufacturers and 5 models/calibers. They are below. Please fire away and let me know your experience, complaints, or praises with them. Note, I picked these calibers due to the range and availability of ammo. If you think I'm messing up and recommend another caliber let me know and why. I do not reload my own ammo so cost and availability was certainly a factor in what I get. Didn't want to buy into a caliber that may go extinct in the next 20 or 30 years--that would suck

1. Cobb MCR 300 chambered in 30-06 ($3300)

2. Cobb MCR 400 chambered in 300 Winchester Magnum ($3500)

3. Fulton M14 Enhanced Battle Rifle (Either regular, CAR or Mark 14 model) (only chambered in .308 even though I'd prefer 30-06). (somewhere between $2,900 - $3,700 depending on rifle) To tell ya the truth I'm having a hard time telling the 3 available models apart---is it mostly the cosmetic assessories???

OR would you recommend the Springfield version (seems to be a little cheaper, $2500)

4. Armalite AR-10(T) Ultra chambered in .300 Remington Short Ultra Magnum (300RSUM) (undecided whether this cailber will be long-lived or go extinct) ($2,150)

5. Armalite AR-10A4 Carbine chambered in .308 ($1506)

Strictly speaking ammo performance, I like the reach of the MCR 400 chambered in 300WM but it looks like a beheemoth to lug around and looks a little rough around the edges! And strictly speaking cool looks, the Fulton and Springfield battle M14 / M1A is sexy......Thanks! I really appreciate your inputs.....

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WELCOME to Gunandgame. There's a LOT to consider here, and it would help to know what your previous firearm experience is. A few VERY important points considering your assumptions going in.
1.) Not all of your listed guns are ARs. The Fulton M14 in 308 is not an AR at all - but is a fine rifle.
2.) M14s are based on the M1 Garand, which was chambered in 30-06. It does not take a detachable mag, but the M14 does. It, however, is ONLY chambered in 308.
3.) YES the RSAUM will go extinct, well mostly. If you want a precision target rifle with that level of power, it's fine. If you want something to shoot persistently, don't pick that round.
4.) ANY AR in a long action is an oddball. Now I LOVE such oddball guns, but they do not have the common accessories and magazines that the standard ones do. Pick it if you want to hunt with it, or as a high precision long range sniper, not for any other reason.
5.) You have some pretty high dollar choices there. Most are precision instruments, many are somewhat customized. It's only worth it if YOU are a precision instrument. To me, a stock AR-10 is a precision instrument. A heavy barreled commercial bolt action is a precision instrument. The former can be had for a grand. The latter, half a grand. If you are looking for high precision I recommend a gun that costs less doing so in semi-automatic. This is from the man who wants to design a semi-automatic for everything.
6.) You are wise to worry about ammo extinction. It's not black or white though. The 50 Beowulf or 458 SOCOM are not extincy, but good luck finding them at a sporting goods store. Availability is relative and it's there on different levels. 300 Win Mag will NEVER be as common as 308, which sadly to say will NEVER, in sporting goods at least, be as common as 30-06. 308 in military surplus WILL be much cheaper, as will be commercial match ammunition. Here are some numbers. 300 Win Mag costs about $20 a 20rd box. That's a dollar a round. 30-06 in its cheapest commercial variety is about $0.25 a round, and surplus is about the same. Sporting ammo is about $13 a box. 308 MATCH ammo runs as low as $10 a box sometimes, $20 a box is on the high side. 308 Surplus ammo can be as low as $0.15 per round.

Now you say you want an AR, but have not mentioned the AR-15 at all. That's fine, but that's the standard AR. The others are all special designs on the same technological base.

My recommendation? Tell us what your shooting background and intended use is to see what would best work for you. As it is right now, I'm thinking a basic AR-10A4 or A2 rifle is the best idea. Also consider a JLD PTR based on the G3. Less money, and uses $3 magazines.

My dream if I had that much money? Well, actually a compromise, but a 30-06 AR feeding from BAR magazines like the one shown by Cobb would be SWEEET. Ammo isn't the absolute cheapest, but you really can do far worse, and it can legally use AP ammo (308 AP is illegal, 30-06 AP is exempt).
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