Army Rolls Out New Weapon

Discussion in 'Humor Forum' started by animalspooker, Oct 1, 2020.

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    There is a distinct difference between napping and loafing. Beetle Bailey was a loafer.
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  3. TXplt

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    During the initial stages of long haul freighter ops, I was told by a crusty old captain that napping was a really good idea and he encouraged it for himself and others (so long as there was one guy fully awake at the switch at all times). He cited some NASA studies on it (which very much are valid) -- but it was tough to figure out whether his motivation was based in real fact or the fact he liked to nap.

    There's actually a defined form of "Controlled Rest" in the CAD directives (technically it has all these constraints and you're supposed to fill out paperwork which no one ever does). But it at least acknowledges fatigue is a big thing and there's value in getting some rest (when you're doing long haul ops through multiple time zones switching body clocks around all the time). So it's a good practice to increase alertness. On body clock swapped late night long haul flights during a long cruise drone it's fairly common for someone to ask "is it OK to put my head back for a bit ?" -- maybe 15 minutes and then they're good to go. The cruise workload is easily handled single pilot.

    So long as SOMEONE's always awake at the switch its fine (Boeing in their wisdom places a sort of 'alarm clock' in their jets--if someone doesn't push certain buttons (they don't tell us which ones inhibit the system) in a certain degree of time you get a "PILOT RESPONSE" on the master warning screen (if you cancel it--which you always do--it resets the system). If there's no response for another period of time it sets off a (loud) beeper and then siren in the cockpit (seriously).

    It can be embarrassing if you miss the 'pilot response' amber caution (it doesn't set off the master caution light) and the beeper goes off while you're doing something else.
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    I can't take "short" naps. If I lay down for a nap, I'm out for 2-3 hours! I've leaned back in my recliner, watching a movie on TV, but if I go to sleep, I'll miss the whole movie & much of what came after it. If I try to nap, knowing I must be up in a few minutes, I can't!:(

    Until this week, I've been getting up at 5am on Tuesdays for the "senior" grocery shopping. I generally have to make a bathroom trip about 4 - 4:30 am. Often not having gone to bed until after midnight & as sleepy as I am, I can not go back to sleep, knowing I should get up in 30 min.
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    Long ago during that Old Crazy Asian War. There were too many of our Generals napping.:D
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    So the brass finally figured out what us old soldiers already knew. Wow.
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    I would imagine the original poster of this thread is an authority on napping and loafing.
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    So, how come siesta-loving Spain didn't beat Britain and Santa Anna got whipped by some uppity Texicans? Just wondering.....
  9. mitchr

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    It was the "yellow rose of Texas" that whipped Santa Anna!:p
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    before that it was all Spanish happy hour.
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  11. Power Naps work! Just ask any Parent with a Young Child! The Classic take the Tyke to "Insert Kid Entertainment Venue Here" thinking that will wear their little tail out! .... Short drive home and the Kid goes into a full "Systems Shutdown" for 20 minutes and... Well, you know the rest of That Story!

    In all seriousness though it's not that uncommon at a power plant either... 12hr rotating shift work takes a toll on a person and the general sentiment is that if you're fighting it that hard and doze for a few minutes it's not a big deal.. You're better off and less likely to make a mistake and hurt yourself or others or damage the plant after a brief nap, so long as you don't hide to do it and don't abuse it.
  12. blue fox

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    Cause them "uppity Texans" got their naps in before Santa Ana did. And then they fixed some coffee and sammiches and whupped butt. :D
  13. Stickman

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    I think this is along the same lines as the FAA giving a nod to pilots taking power naps.

    It's going to happen anyway and it has always been happening.
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    Wow, the secret weapon is sleep. "Our guys can whip your guys because we got a sleep coach working with us and we have a holistic health coach too".

    Does Medicare cover a sleep coach? Maybe a sleep in coach? My bad.
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    Heck, my favorite place to take a nap was up a tree while waiting for the
    goobers to come and attack OP4 we would set up lovely ambushes...
    they'd attack through...then do the dumb thing and set up a "tabletop"
    to do an after action count right in the middle of where they just attacked.
    To which I would wait until they said, "7 M16's...Where's the M60?"
    I'd holler, "RIGHT HERE #$^%@#'s!"
    I love MILES gear and dang sure miss the 90's! ;)
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    Napping yes, but loafing.....yes also.
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  17. Isn't that what autopilot is for - naps and chasing stewardess?
  18. And those little bottles of alcohol?