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    Because it's a mosque...

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    The Government doesn’t really care about the rights of the Majority anymore only the minority, pretty soon it is going to become a gobernment of the few, by the few for the few (even worse than it is now) and the rest of us are going to be S.O.L. , that is if people don’t step up and change things in the ballot boxes this November and November of 2012.
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    I'm not sure its a federal mandate or what but for the last 15 years I've been a firefighter the ATF has been investigating ALL house of worship fires. My department has had a few small church fires (mainly catholic churches) and the ATF had to be notified, no matter how small. If the chief is going to type "structure fire" in his NFIRS report he has to let the ATF know.

    I'm not really sure when it started but I think it was around 15 years ago there was a rash of church fires across the country. I believe thats when the ATF got involved. I remember seeing an order come out when I was a new guy and it was about notifying the ATF about church fires.

    Google ATF investigates church fire and you'll get a ton of news stories about the ATF investigating church arsons.

    Now the reason the mosque fire makes the news and another church fire doesnt? As the Mr. Owl says, "the world may never know".
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    is arson, a political topic???

    its a crime topic. was it hate who said so???
  6. Do we have a crime forum? I hope not because this is in the wrong place.
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    If it's a non-Christian Church, you spelled it wrong! It is spelled with an "H" not an "st" in front of the "ate."