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Artist's question: How powerful is 7.63 x 25mm?

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Inquiring Mind, Oct 19, 2007.

  1. Inquiring Mind

    Inquiring Mind G&G Newbie

    Hello everyone. I'm not a gun collector, and I know little of the tech aspect of guns, but I have a question. I looked for a gun forum to ask it on, and this one seems nice.

    I know that 7.63 mm is more powerful than 9mm, but how does it stack up to say, 38s and 45s?

    The reason I'm asking this is because I am an artist of sorts, and am working on a comic in which the protaganist carries a pair of Mauser C-96es. So basically, I want to know what sort of damage this caliber does to the body. (ie how big a blood splatter I should draw, how destroyed someone should look if they get shot in the head, etc) These would mostly be at medium-to-close range, by the most, across a warehouse. I like to be accurate when it comes to gun damage...I don't go overboard, but I don't hold back either...if a bullet should blow a big hole in someone, then it will.

    I know that there is a Mauser forum here, but I thought I would ask here since it's specifically about ammo.
  2. SilverRun

    SilverRun G&G Enthusiast

    I am not an expert on the round, but I think it would be close to the 9mm or .38 special in actual precieved damage. I think you would be looking at small holes vs "destroyed".

  3. rondog

    rondog G&G Evangelist

    Shoot man, you're an artist, use your artistic license and draw it however you want! Since when have comics been anything close to accurate?
  4. Inquiring Mind

    Inquiring Mind G&G Newbie

    Well, I do generally try to be realistic, if only for myself. Too many comics, videogames, movies, etc have guns either overpowered (a 9mm blowing someone's head off) or underpowered (a 357 making a neat little hole)

    I figure, if I'm going to the trouble of getting the gun's design right, I should get it's performance right, too.
  5. samuel

    samuel G&G Newbie

    If you are trying to get info to make some exageration or dramitization for the anti gunners just say so!!!I am sure someone has emagination enough to fulfill your(and their)wildest dreams.I will help by stating the .22lr is the deadliest of them all.It has killed more game than any other round. sam.
  6. I believe you are inquiring about the 7.62X25MM Tokerov, if so it is a beast throwing quite a fireball under dim lighting with a very robust report. Folks tend to come right to attention when you touch that pistol off. It has quite good performance.
  7. Inquiring Mind

    Inquiring Mind G&G Newbie

    So, a fairly large splatter, then? Thanks.
  8. toolman

    toolman Resident Sasquatch Forum Contributor

    This round is generally an 85 gr. FMJ travelling at 1300 to 1500+ fps depending on mfgr\country with the Czech ammo generally being toward the top of the speed scale. They will easily penetrate a U.S. steel combat helmet, but don't normally leave much of a hole in flesh due to the high speed and non-expanding ammo.
  9. phoenix79

    phoenix79 G&G Newbie

    Actually guys... there is debate about the relation between the 7.62 tok and the .30 Mauser that he's talking about. Dimensionally, they are equal, but according to some sources (Modern Reloading by Richard Lee) the .30 mauser is a lower pressure load. He has the .30 Mauser topping out at about 26000 CUP and the 7.62 Tok at about 42-43000 CUP. Most of the surplus and modern commercial ammo we're seeing was originally loaded for the PPSh-41 and a similar sub-machine guns used throughout the former soviet states and thats why there is so much of it. So realistically, the .30 mauser would be a lower power round than the tokarev but, since the tokarev would just punch all the way through a soft target (eg. bad guy) the mauser would probably stop inside or exit with less velocity but he'd be just as dead...

    (I know this is long but I've recently started reloading the tok and have read up on it quite a bit)
  10. Actually. I'd think the Tokerov loaded down by 5% or so and loaded with frangible bullets would make an awsome stopper
  11. Inquiring Mind

    Inquiring Mind G&G Newbie

    Whoa, I just looked at a list of handgun calibers, and I was way off...turns out the 9mm, especially the 9mm Luger, is actually more powerful than the 7.63mm Mauser...I thought it was weaker. So I think I'll redo the guns into Red9s.
  12. Was playing around with a CZ52 at a local range. The police had disgarded anold Class 2 vest. we taped it over a barrel and shot at it with the 7.62 X 25 (surplus military ball) when right through without any expansion. Doubled up the vest, still sailed right through 2 layers of Cleass 2 vest and the steel drum. No expansion though, just little 30 cal. holes.
  13. Palladin8

    Palladin8 G&G Evangelist

    the 7.62X25 will penetrate through threat level III body armour with little effort. I have never shot one but I was reading a magazine article where the author demonstrated by placing the body armour around a watermelon and shooting it. It split the melon and was lodged into the back of the vest.
    Now I have shot the 9X25 Dillon. That's a milk jug killing machine. I have never seen a pistol bullet have so much explosive force on a milk jug before. It was alot of fun. Now that I have the 10mm pistol all I need is a barrel and a set of dies and not let my wife know about it:)