As WWII Vets Pass, Memories Preserved

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    NEW ORLEANS - They were a swashbuckling lot — parachuting behind enemy lines, charging onto sandy beaches as bullets whizzed by, liberating countries from a totalitarian grip.

    They jitterbugged the nights away, sang about faraway sweethearts and painted the noses of their B-17 bombers with bawdy pinups. "They're overpaid, over-sexed and over here," the British groused about their American allies.

    As WWII vets pass, memories preserved - Military -
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    Thank you, Marine1, and welcome home. Have a safe weekend. Yes this is a weekend of introspection, and remembering. Those who never served, will never understand the meaning of this special day. It's just another day off, for many who never give a second thought to those who gave all, in order to preserve this nation, and it's unique idea of freedom. I used to feel sorry for myself, but I've come full circle, and now feel sorry for those who will never experience the special bond of those who serve in combat. God bless all of our fellow veterans, and our young who now serve, and bless all who went before!

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    Every one thinks that Memorial Day is just another day off, to drink beer, play golf, and generally lay around. The reason these types of people can do that, is through the sacrifices of a few, very special types of heros, whether they be man/woman, who have given up the supreme sacrifice so others may enjoy a life of freedom and happiness. God bless all the men and women who went before us, and those who will go in the future. Because of the past fallen heros, we do indeed have a future...US Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force, Merchant Marines, Coast Guard, SeaBees.. When you see a vet, give him/her a hug and a special "thanks".