Astra sxs shotgun parts?

Discussion in 'Shotguns' started by irish murphy, May 5, 2008.

  1. I have a Astra SxS 12guage shotgun.One of the firing pins has broken.Just wondering if you fellas have this brand in the states?And if so are parts easy to get?
  2. Irish, I have an ancient side by side exposed hammer shotgun. Many years ago, one of the firing pins broke. A mate who has a engine / machine shop ( he contests the Au Jet boat titles now ) then was working in the railways. He made me a firing pin out of a suitabley sized drill bit.

    I eventually bought him a beer years later. It`s still in the gun over 20 years...

    But yeah, ask around for a tool maker or anyone with access to a lathe and Bob`s ya uncle ( or ya aunty in drag )

  3. Ive got a lathe here johnny.Ill know a little more of what im looking at when i pull the astra down.Thanks mate
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    I would try Numrich gun parts, they have Astra gun parts not sure if your model is listed.

    Here's the link,

    Astra | Numrich Gun Parts Corp. |

    It looks like they ship outside the States, but have some restrictions. They have them listed on the site. I've had good luck with them in the three dozen or so orders I made.