At least Know your own age.

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    Ok had a ruff 1/2 day at work so stoped to have a few at the local bar...I walked into an ongoing conversation. Some 20 something yr old was bragging about haveing a 400th degree black belt in ever known martial art....some of the regulars were ribbing him about well if your hands are registered as leathel weapons..then if you put them in your pocket do you need a CCW... I sat their listing too how in his 2 or 3 year career with the US Army he had been in every known and some unknown special warfare unit... Hay its a bar and BS is always the normal serveing around here so no big deal. Welp someone asked him his last dutty station....super dude goes well I was stationed in KAY SAN and DA-NAG... silly me thought the Veitnam war ended a while ago... Seems some of the VeitNam vets did not see the humor in this youg super heros story any more and escorted him out to the parking lot for a lesson in history and martial arts....appearently he flunked the fighting part on his way too ninja master...
    Why are people so freaking stupid?...Hay want to bs a little then cool have fun....But too try to tell NAm vets that you were there when yout only 20 ish...well maybe as a sperm cell..
    I just keep woundering about the fait of our nation..:nod:
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    I agree totally. If you were a cook, mechanic or truck driver, say so. At least you served, which is more than most folks do. Not everybody can be a Ranger, Special Forces trooper, Recon marine or SEAL. Whatever MOS you had, if you did it well, be proud of that.

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    Well said, the D.I. that inspired me to go to Ranger school was a cook. started out as 91m hospital dietician and the first phase is cook school this guy, D.I. Jones in Ft. Jackson S.C. was the proudest s.o.b. just to be a cook. some of the other D.I.'s would razz the "Ranger Cook" but I know it was only from a safe distance. even after I went to 91b I still remember him best of all.
    nothing wrong with any job done the best it can be done.
    best part is the talkers reaction when you do a coin check and they look at you blank or stammer about how they lost it!
    Thanks for making me think about those days, Raymond