At War With The World?

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  1. How do you intend to conduct yourself towards others should the SHTF?
    You going to shoot at everyone you come in contact with? If approached by someone needing help you going to run'm off? Shoot'm?
    If a Uniformed Police Officer or Fireman comes to the door what will you do? Suppose several soldiers set up a check point on your corner, you going to shoot it out with'm? Suppose you stake out a place in the woods and someone rides up on a horse and tells you you're trespassing?
    Just wondered?
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    Depends on the situation. Can't say one way or the other.

  3. If I stayed where I live which is out of the city limits I don't think I would have to deal with any law enforcement types.

    I do have neighbors that like a lot of folks who live in the country have put up vegtables and ample provishions and there's a few warer well s around.

    It would probably take 2 months before we became lacking in goods that we use everyday.

    Were all close neigbors out here so I would expect we would band together to make sure we were all taken care of.

    In the likely hood of city dwellers venturing out looking for substance I douth
    we could be of much help other that water.

    If it became violent, were very well prepard to defend ourselfs.
    I own land in the middle of no where I can retreat to that has water but other provishions would be needed.

    All and all we could make it just fine for 2 months maybe 3...A.H
  4. I just posted this in "Survival Equipment" to give those folks something to think about other than grabbing a bunch of guns and ammo and going out into who knows where.

    IF a total breakdown comes (not likely) and you have to go somewhere and survive “off the land”, you should make plans NOW on where that location will be. Don’t just plan on what guns and ammo that you are going to take with you, plan on the WHERE. Visit the area you plan to run to in order to survive and make friends. I will repeat… go there each year on vacation to hunt or fish, let the folks there get to know you and your family. If you wait until you have to grab and run, you may be looked upon as squatters or worse, invaders.
    There may be areas that have a lot of “free space” like the Rocky Mountains, but how are the people living on the coasts going to get there.
    More than likely some people will stop at the first bunch of woods that they come to on the journey. The folks that own it or live near it are all ready counting on the game that is there for their food and they aren’t going to take too kindly to someone else taking it.
    What I am trying to say is that you are going to make plans, don’t just plan on grabbing a bunch of guns and ammo and running amuck through the country side. You are going to run into folks who are not going to like that at all.

    "Suppose you stake out a place in the woods and someone rides up on a horse and tells you you're trespassing? "

    Suppose you ARE trespassing where you "staked out" a place in the woods and the owner don't bother with telling you that you are trespassing. If the owner don't know you, he/she may just shoot first.

    I repeat......Get to know where you will go and get to know the folks living there.
    There is time to do that.
    Folks will be quicker to help people survive if they know them than if they don't know them.
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    Reversed Pioneers

    It would start out like those old western novels with early land barrons
    /war lords governing the food production, by issueing out rations for work
    they will have a indentured work force who'll do anything to stay fed.
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    I shooting anyone I dont like then Ill take there weapons. Trust no one!!!
  7. You have a god given right to protect your home and family. You have no rights on the street. You would be snagged by military or contractors such as Wackenhut or Blackwater. They would label you an illegal combatant and off to the camps that Halliburton is building. If they come to try to use force to remove good Americans, the war would be between Domestic enemies and the citizens. You need to move if necessary to make communities of like minded people, it's hard to take on the whole trailer park. The best protection is a remote location, NOW.
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    my prob is i don't know anyone out side of the city and even though we are looking for properties in the country if tsh before we can move we r screwed. my appearance is intimidating as it is(6" black guy with dreadlocks to my shoulders and muscular) and in a situation were me and my fam.(fiancee and babe) are moving though to get to our fallback spot we might run into probs with locals. the way people react to me sometimes, in a situation were we are moving and someone sees us both armed (ak47,45me & 9mm & keltec carbine for her )they might react adversely to our presence.what do you all recamend for helping us appear less threatening to people that are already scared out of there minds. i don't have a shoot first policy unless "unknown" doesnt respond to attempts at communicating.we all must remember that even in shtf situations where the laws and world of man have fallen down the laws of God still stand. though taking a life is something I'm willing to do I'll try to make sure the intent of "unknown" before i open fire. may God bestow His Mercy on us all.
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    A 6 inch tall black man, intimidating? LOL Just messin with ya' KM45 !
  10. Well done Swede, I missed it the first time!!

  11. 6 ft black dude, intimidating? not unless I was unarmed...hehe.....i would tell him, go ahead and try me, as soon as he made a move, BAM, ill let St. Peter sort him and the rest of his splattered brains out.
  12. The law, in some form or another, always exists. Start shooting at everyone you meet and you'll likely soon be all full of holes or hanging from a tree, put in that condition by those enforcing the law as they know it or think it ought to be.
    I've worked in disaster areas after the fact. People, usually friends or family, start gathering together to help each other as soon as they can. Lone Wolves die without a pack to support them. People aren't any different. Ask around and you'll find plenty of people who are wanting, and willing, to get together to prepare for social unrest or weather related disasters. Get yourself into some kinda team, do it to survive.
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    one of the probs is my fam. and friends don't even think about what may come tomorrow so they don't take it serious. the few friends that agree with me are too broke or just like too talk but are short on action.i know(not think )that only the fool is ilprepared. my support base is me,my fiancee and our coming babe so my team is tiny. my fiancee is takeing pistol,riffle,&defence classes and im profishent with my riffle & sidearm but beyond that what do we do?we are looking to buy a house in the mountains in the next 6to9 months but til then how do we network to find people that are moving in the direction I'm going?
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    KingMusa45, You are wise beyond your years !!!
  15. I'm kind of in the same boat family wise as you KM45. My mother is really religious and just says, put it in Gods hands. I said to her once, But mom, God has given man, us, me the ability and WILL to want to survive and protect me and my own. You think he truly wants me to just let whatever will happen from me not doing anything to just happen, and not take any measures? I mean if so, then why give me, mankind that will? I too believe in God, but I can't just not do anything.

    To kind of answer your question Mike, I honestly can't say. I know how I'd like to handle it or want things to be or go. But I can't say because I don't know what the SHTF situation is/was and it's truly hard to tell or say what I'd do.
    I do agree with you there's always going to be law, in some form or fashion. I can say this. If I'm at home, I'll defend my home. I know for a fact I won;t be thoroughly prepared nor have enough of what ever to provide for me and mine, so I will defend. But I also would try to help if possible.

    I mean could I turn away a mother with 2 small children, say one 3 and one 7 or10 year old? I haven't a clue. I do know it would be hard, a very hard thing to do and hope to God it never happens or comes to it...

    To add, my wife is just now seeing the light, understanding what I've been telling her. I mean I asked her to go to Borders ofter work since she was out that way to pick up the ABC's of Reloading book I'd ask them to get when it became available and she went beyond and bought me a book titled "The Long Emergency". She's also finally applied for her FOID card. SO I know where you're coming from KM45.
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  16. Do what ya can right now.
    Any idiot can learn to do light sewing, gardening, canning and such. If nothing else now is a good time to learn a little something about growing a garden. Learn how to hunt. Learn to fish. It's better to try than just sit and do nothing.
    There are likely people around you are as interested in surviving as you are. Many are real closed mouth about it, especialy in town. If you do move to the mountians go out of your way to become part of the community. Most folks will notice that you happen to be black, they usually just won't care.
  17. During the “Great Depression” most (I said most) of the people pulled together and helped one another out. This was because they knew self denial. If there was something they wanted but didn’t have the money to buy it, they didn’t get it. In order to get what they wanted, they had to some kind of “work”.
    Most (again, I said most) of the people today do not have a clue what self denial means. If they see it and want it, it doesn’t matter if they can afford it or not, out comes the plastic and they take it home.
    Most (again, I said most) of the people on welfare have no idea at all what it means to work to have something to live on.
    I fear that the people who live on plastic and welfare will be more likely to be the ones that will steal and kill in order to live. One group don’t understand self denial and the other doesn’t understand work.
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    There's a lot of good and helpful info in this forum on how to prepare, and there are links being developed between forum members so that we could help each other.

    I pay close attention to the friends and associates that my wife and I have, to learn about and identify who is paying attention and preparing and who isn't.

    We're gradually building a network of support...

    And, as Lee encouraged, get yourself as far away from plastic and welfare as you possibly can...immediately! Also, paying attention to those who sustain themselves in such ways will help you learn who the potential risks are.
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  19. I live remote i mean 500 people in town remote !
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    KM45...loose the dreadlocks...that will be a start. Dreads have a certain provoking appearance to some.
    Figure out where you plan to go and start visiting the area so, like was mentioned above, the local folks can get to know you and your small family. Most city folks do not have a clue as how to deal with country the city folks, country folks are stupid hicks.
    You sound like a person with some fore-seeing intelligence and a need to protect your family; I'd consider as a next door neighbor.