ATF Agent Charged in Gun Incident

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    He was drunk, had a gun now if he was smokeing a ciggerret he would have meet all the letters in ATF :)

    ATF Agent Charged in Gun Incident
    ATF Agent in Iowa Accused of Threatening Teens With Gun After They Toilet-Papered Neighborhood

    INDIANOLA, Iowa Sept. 18 — The head of the Iowa office of the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms was charged with public intoxication and was being investigated on allegations that he threatened some teenagers with a loaded gun.

    Jon Carl Petersen, 41, was arrested and taken to the Warren County jail. He was released Tuesday on his promise to appear in court.

    Petersen's supervisor, Paul Vido, in Kansas City, Mo., said Petersen will be allowed to carry a weapon and resume his duties while local and federal authorities investigate the allegations.

    Petersen was not in his office Wednesday. A spokeswoman declined to comment on whether he would return.

    Indianola Police Chief Steve Bonnett said the incident began when nine teenagers drove past Petersen's house, throwing toilet paper onto area trees and homes as part of a homecoming-week prank.

    Police said Petersen chased them in his Jeep, a government-owned vehicle equipped with a siren and emergency lights.

    Lucas Viers, 15, said the teenagers heard squealing tires and sirens.

    "We were laughing about it because we were thinking he was blowing it all out of proportion until he whipped out that gun," Viers said. "We were pretty scared."

    Reports showed that police received several calls about a man threatening teenagers with a gun near Emerson Elementary School about 10:40 p.m. One of the callers reported "that a male subject was pointing a gun at another subject's head," according to police reports.

    Indianola police officer Kurt Kness said he handcuffed Petersen and found a loaded revolver in the Jeep.

    "Mr. Petersen acknowledged that he had stopped the vehicle and that he was armed with the handgun," Kness wrote in his report. "While talking to Mr. Petersen, it became clear that he was intoxicated. His eyes were watery and his speech was confused and rambling."

    Kness said Petersen acknowledged he had been drinking wine. Field sobriety tests showed he had a blood alcohol level of 0.22 percent, more than twice the legal limit for driving, authorities said.

    Police said Petersen refused to take a Breathalyzer test at the jail.

    His trial was set for Nov. 1.

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    Pretty stupid indeed. Don't ya love the press though. This incident had nothing to do w/ "Emerson Elemntary school" but the author threw that line in there. Oh those poor kids who were at school at 10:40 pm must have been scarred to death.

    Guy will probably lose his job over this if convicted..... Be interesting to see what the Feds do to spin doctor this one up...

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    I noticed he did not get charged with DUI...but read the story..took a goverment jeep..chased the kids down....kinda strange.
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    they call it professional courtesy

    when cops get caught breaking the law the cops who catch them let them go...:nod:
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    I wonder what would have happened if that agent accidentally shot and killed one of those kids. Do you guys think he would have been charged?

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    You're d a m n right he would have. Professional courtesy does not always exist. PI's are easy to make stick. DWI's are darn near impossible to get a conviction on today. Academy's everywhere are teaching that. You'll probably lose the DWI case to some slick attorney, so PI them and get them off the street for the night. You solve the problem for the night, paper work takes 1/4 the time of a DWI.

    Ya know, in TX, we can barely even use the "weaving driver" AKA "Failure to maintain a single marked lane" anymore. Hell know, they say he has to pose a danger to others nowadays!