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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by DaveTinNY, Jun 4, 2002.

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    So I moved to NY a few months ago from CT and applied for a new C&R license for my NY address. One day I received a surprise call from an ATF inspector to come and take a look at my paperwork and arms so we scheduled for the inspection (of my big collection of two WWII Garands)... This caught me by surprise as I never expected to have an inspection in person but it happened.
    Anyway she came up from Brooklyn. All went well and the agent was very nice (and pretty cute too) and I was very naive to the whole process as it was my first inspection but at least I passed with flying colors.
    The most important thing is to have your paperwork in order; basically a binder or notebook of your rifle "Dispositions and Depositions"... basically two sheets of paper that have rifle manufacturers, models, serial numbers, calibers and dates of purchases or sales.
    What stuck her was the fact that I knew the Garand serial numbers by memory. She must have thought I was a strange bird but explained to her that the Garands were carried by guys during WWII or later that I consider to be heroes and I want to know everything about the rifle... and shoot it too. :)
    Dave T
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    Sounds almost like there going to check more now. With the large amount of Military weapons being sold and the hobby going full tilt the last few years they might do this more often to C&R holders . Glad to hear you had no problems. Rick B
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  3. That had to feak you out at first-- I sent mine in about three weeks ago and I haven't heard anything.
  4. Same here, I sent mine in about two weeks ago. Will that cute agent come to vist me in Texas? Been looking at adds in shotgun news and not all wholesalers honor the C&R. Bummer!!!! looking to buy the unissed Persian Mauser and one of those Mosins in like new condition. Guess I got to do some research on that.
    The folding $20 bill gave me shivers up and down my spine. See pictures of the actual catastrophe at Glen Beck's home page. cya.

    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    I've had a c&r for a year and a half and as yet I have not had the pleasure to meet one of our ATF inspectors. IF I ever do I probably won't get a cute one either.
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    Well I remember, when my father first had a suprse inspection for his FFL, wow wow, we came home in the family car from the store, and we were like ok, who is that...Scared the mess out of everyone.

    She was nice, exceptional person, even offered her a soda, she was like I must pay you for it, I said no mam, she still left 50 cents on the desk.

    That was almost 10 years ago. Never had a bad word to say about her, Ever had a prob, she knew the answer, she is great.
  7. Does the ATF interview you for the C&R lisence?? I thiught they didnt.
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    No interview fo the C&R... Just fill out the ATF form, submit it to your local CLEO (Chief Law Enforcement Officer) for a background check and signature and then you mail it in to the ATF in Texas. About 1 to 3 months later you'll get you license - if your record is clean.
    Good luck!
    Dave T
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    I actually did have an ATF interview when I applied for a C&R years ago. No big deal. One of the agents was brand new and I guess it was for training purposes.