Aunt Karen

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    Pardon me if you've heard it! They take a while to get here !!

    A 5th grade teacher assigns her students homework. She tells them they have to go home and have their parents teach them a story with a moral.

    The next day she has them tell their stories, and she finally gets to Rich. She asks him if he has a story and he says yes. My Daddy told me that my Aunt Karen was a Pilot in Desert Storm. She was shot down and had to parachute out. All she had was a pint of vodka, her pistol, and her survival knife. She drank the vodka on the way down. When she landed she shot 6 Iraqi's with her pistol, stabbed 4 to death, and finally killed their leader with her bare hands!

    Totally aghast, the teacher asked what the moral of the story was.
    Rich replied, my Daddy said it was don't f#&k with Aunt Karen when she's been drinking !!
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    Don't Ask a Child

    SwedeSteve: Sir; aint herd it;:09: really liked it:09::09:

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    haha, great stuff

    Woot, 300 posts!
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  4. Thats a good one. That was Mooseman when he was little wasnt it.
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    Cap'n- If it was Moose when he was little, Aunt Karen woulda been a pilot at Valley Forge, LOL !!
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    lol- thats a great one