Austrian M95

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  1. Got a beauty of a rifle for $79.00 an Austrian M95 in 8x56r i believe, bore is a little dark but i don't plan to shoot this rifle too much, which brings up this question, were can i get some mil. surp. in this caliber?
    BTW i'll post pics soon.
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    Most of the bigger ammo vendors in Shotgun News offer it. Also, the Sportsman's Guide usually has it.
    If you're adventuresome, there are die sets available to make it from 7.62X54R. Check with RCBS. Bullets are the hard part, since they are .329" diameter. I've heard they are available at specialty ammo component suppliers, but expensive. There is also supposed to be a swager-type bullet resizer, to reduce .338 bullets to .329. Lee has a mold for cast lead bullets, if you load 'em light.
    All milsurp I've seen is pre-war Nazi stuff. It works, never heard of any misfire problems.

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    okay lets make it easy I specialize in hard to find ammo and or obsolete and my key source for formed brass is Buffalo Arms Company - just do a search on the web they will have everything you need including Dies. Also make sure to run the new cases you buy from the through the sizer prior to loading
  4. Hey 8mm. Did you get the M95 at Big 5? They got em here in Tucson and I looked at one last week. They are very nice looking guns and $79 is a good deal. I checked the internet for ammo and decided not to get it. The ammo is scarce and the stuff I did find was very very expensive. I dont have all my reloading equipment anymore so it wouldnt be worth it for me to buy a gun I couldnt shoot. I did buy another M44 for only $49 at Big 5
  5. rtlsnkesbite: yep i got it at big5 they only had 2 to choose from, and i went there originaly looking for a mosin-nagant, they didn't have one, so i saw the M95 and went for it.
    The ammo problem had kept me from buying one previously, but i descided what the heck! it's a pretty rifle, but it will be shot, i never leave a gun not shot, that just seems like firearms abuse :p