authentic WWII bayonet?

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by senecagreen, Apr 6, 2002.

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    Hi everybody,
    I am new to the M1 carbine group. I bought an Underwood about a year ago and it shoots great. My question is, who manufactured the bayonets for this carbine in WWII? I saw one at a gun show that was suposed to be an authentic bayonet. On the bayonet by the handle it was marked.
    Would this be right? Another table at the show that had lots of bayonets had a book that showed a picture of this same bayonet (leather handle) as a WWII era bayonet. I did not catch the manufacturer name though. It just seemed strange that it would be from Japan. I saw some Vietnam era M1 Carbine bayonets that had plastic handles but this was the only one I saw with the leather ribbed handle.
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    The Japanese bayonet is a reproduction and not a very good one at that. During WW2 bayonets for the M-1 carbine had stacked leather grips as well as rubber and were made by a number of contracters Pal, Camillius, Utica, etc. Camillius makes a nice reproduction. bob

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    I just bought a Case M-4 bayonet with an old wooden scabbard with no markings for 50 bucks. He had more. Did I do good to choose the wooden scabbard? The leather rings on the handle looks like it has seen some action.