Auto Ordnance 191A1

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    Auto Ordnance 1911A1

    I am thinking about buying an Auto Ordnance 1911A1 Military Issue Goverment 45. I realize it's not a Wilson Combat or a Colt Gold Cup, but I want it more for setemental reasons as this is the Hand Gun I carried in the Marine Corps. I just wondered what kind of shooter it is out of the box for plinking and what not?:confused:
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    The 1911 is not a tack driver but they will shoot real decent and with a little massaging they do become a tack driver

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    American Rifleman did a review of that pistol not to long ago. I'll see if I can find the article and get ya some info. -UR.
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    I've owned a auto ordnance for about 6 years. It works quite well and functions flawlessly. I've added a few bells and whisles and still have less in it than the upper shelf weapons. The main improvments were:
    polish feed ramp
    full length recoil guide spring rod
    variable rate 18" recoil spring
    beaver tail grip safety
    diamond pattern 1911 walnut grips
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    That should have read 18 lb recoil spring.
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    Yup, would have made one heck of a "long slide" 1911, though.
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    I've owned a Thompson since the 80's. I bought mine for almost the same reason except I was in the Army. The gun shoots real good and I've not had any problems with feeding it. The price was very reasonable and no way could I afford one of those racey guns. This gun is all I need, and if you want to build it up, its a great start. I've not done a thing to mine and it came with wood grips already installed.

    The one thing I'd like to change is get some stag grips for it, but so far I haven't seen any I like. Anyone know of a place to get some stag grips?
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    Check with Eagle Grips, I'm pretty sure they have them. However they are expensive.
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    The article I referred to was in the Dec 2001 American Rifleman.(p. 59,60) They tested the AO 1911 PKZ. The pictures show it to have the A1 upgrades. The stats and the article basically say, "yep! It's a .45, and it shoots" They tested it with loads from Federal, PMC, and Winchester. They got 25 yard groups ranging from 2.02" to 3.98", with the average being 3.14". The MSRP is $462. HTH -UR.