Autoloader Vs Pump

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Logansdad, Apr 29, 2002.

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    What are y'all's feelings on say the Remington 870 vs the Remington 11/87. I bought a semiautomatic shotgun because if the going ever gets tough enough to start shooting a shotgun I might get too preoccupied to remember that I need to pump. What are y'all's thoughts on the subject ?:fuss:
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    Pump is faster, smoother, and more reliable.

    I've bet my life on my 870. I'm still here :)

    I had an 1100, sold it.

  3. jerry

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    totally personal preference. I started shooting a 870 when I was 16. That was a few years ago. I shot my dads 11/87 and i kept yanking the forearm wanting to pump it. like driving a stick then going to an auto trans, you don't know what to do with the cluch foot. some can make the transition either way. As far as semi's I'm not a big gas operated fan. recoil operated is much less complicated in my mind, Browning A-5's, Remington 11/48's, Benelli M1's etc.
    in short practice with whatever your comfortable with. As a side note, the pump seems to be not as picky with some reloads where the crimp isn't perfect. just a small thing.
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    I am thinking about the same two guns myself. What do you plan on using your shotgun for. If it is for hunting and you have a pump, you will only forget to "pump" it once(if ever), and after that, you will always pump it. Also, pumps are lighter so carring one would be better....Pumps are cheaper too. Semi's you can keep on target better though; say you are shooting at a flying bird, you could fire and keep on target(I know there is still recoil) but you wouldn't have to deal with pumping, recoil, and aiming. If you can, I would say try a friends semi for awhile, and try a pump for awhile. Once you use one for awhile, pumping a shotgun isn't even a thought, you just do it. Buy a pump cause working the pump just sounds cool. I never really heard of anyone having problems with Remington shotguns.....

  5. lefty o

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    i vote for the pump 870 rem,id bet my life on it. and as far as forgetting to pump it, it wont happen. once you shoot a pump for a while it becomes a subconsciece action.
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    A pump will NEVER let you down! Not many semis can give you that reassurance. As for forgetting to pump, it has never happened to me. Actually, when hunting waterfowl, I pump the last shell out and automatically close the action(now empty). You don't even think about it. I'm in the process now of getting rid of all my semis and all will be replaced with pumps.(except for my rifle... thats going bolt)
  7. I am a lady shooter and had both the 1187semi-auto and the 870 pump. The 870 was full choke with a 30" barrel and the 1187 was 26" with screw in chokes. The 870 was the better gun for me. What were you going to use the gun for? Hunting, trap. skeet? With the full choke and longer barrel you have longer range and tight pattern. With the shorter barrel and screw in chokes you can use the auto for skeet and sporting clays.
  8. I also, forgot to mention I had an 1100 and sold it. I have had many shotguns and this one was my least favorite.
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    Missharpshooter I just threw that topic out for discussion...I already have a Beretta 1201 FP semiautomatic (recoil operated) 12 gauge shotgun. I'm planning on a Remington 870 Marine Magnum in the not so distant future.
  10. Duncan....of all the shotguns I have owned my favorites were my Beretta 682 double combo and my ( 4 ) A303 semi-auto's different barrels and 2/34 and 3" magmun. The very best shooting shotgun I have ever had for wingshooting was my model 500 and 600 SKB O/U with the selector switch on the trigger, full and modified. It was also one heck of a trap gun even though it had a shorter barrel. Good luck MissSharpShooter
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    I've been told my Beretta 1201FP is a Benelli
    Super 90 knock off (Beretta owns a large chunk of Benelli) ...It was made for law enforcement not hunting. It kick's like a mule with a black belt.
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    yes indeed, the first post from our own Missharpshooter:cheer: :ballons: :joker: :right:
    hang in there Missy!!! hope all is going well with your recovery:)
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    Overall for home protection an 870 is generally better, but it does take some what of a learning curve to be proficiant with it. One of the biggest things to consider for home protection if you want to do a folding/pistol grip stock is that this mod on an auto is verboten. No folders and such for an auto - unless you register it and so on. There are a lot of accessories available for the 870 and of course as was mentioned above - they're reliable.