Avoid retro telephones: they're junk!

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  1. They are not the same quality as old-fashioned Western Electric phones at all. I bought two retro phones styled after old British-style rotary-dial telephones at this website for $59.95 each plus shipping and tax. Big waste of money! I contacted the vendor to request a refund. I love the look of old-fashioned telephones with the F1 style receiver of American-made Western Electric phones of the 1930's-early 1950's. I want the phones to be functional to boot. I didn't want just home ornaments. Nicely restored vintage Western Electrics can cost 100's of dollars a copy these days.

    I tested these phones by calling voice messaging. These cheesy retro phones have poor voice transmission. Voice sounds muddy and weak. My voice goes through crystal clear and loud on my smartphone and on my 1970's push-button wall phone in the 500 Western Electric push-button touch-tone style.

    It's not the $100 XLink Bluetooth Gateway I bought to pair landline telephones to cellular service. I tested these new junk phones as well as my better-quality 1970's wall phone. The WE500-style wall phone transmits well over XLink. These new junkers don't.

    Avoid these like the plague:


    Here is my 1970's-style wall phone, the receiver looks sloppy when hung up. Grandma had a 1950's WE wall phone with a chrome hook on the side to hang receiver and that looked really neat.

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  2. how to use a telephone a lesson for your children

    these dummies

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    I also bought one of those wooden wall phones but from a different vendor . I agree it is junk . It now just hangs on my wall for decoration as the sound was so poor as to be unusable .
  4. I just don't care to pay over $120 for a couple of cheep plastic phones that don't work halfway decent. $60+ for a plastic phone is too much for me to have as mere house decoration. I won't pay 100's of dollars for restored Western Electrics either. They have no * and # function to boot even though the XLink converts pulse to touch-tone. I will just stick with those 1970's push-button style phones like the one I have. It's not as charming as a WE 302/354 but they seem to sound decent in terms of voice transmission and reception.

    The cheesy retro telephones have touch-tone and * and # functions. They are a good idea made with crappy electronics inside. Someone has yet to market a retro phone with good working guts.
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    This is another thread, that feels like d_p_holland wrote it.
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    Might wanna check out the general handguns section. Someone who supposedly owns a Colt King Cobra doesn't seem to be as worried about its pristine finish anymore.....