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I have bought my 3rd BMAG. The first 2 sporters shot terrible. This one is a Hb Ss gun. It is shooting pretty good! So it's a keeper. Can anyone tell me who makes aftermarket bolt handles?
My BMAG has the skinny barrel, the first model they offered. I am guessing your first two were like that.

I discovered the accuracy problem was due to the flimsy forearm. It depended upon what part of the forearm was rested.

I solved that by bedding the stock and adding two 3/16" steel threaded rods in the forearm, centering the barrel, and free floated the barrel.

The rifle has great accuracy.

As for adding the threaded rods, I bought a cheap drill bit kit of several very long bits at Harbor Freight and drilled from the end of the forearm and through the small stock sections in the barrel section of the forearm and quite a way into the main part of the barrel channel. It was an easy task.

I then added the bedding material (Brownell's Acra Glas Gel).

As for cheap black coloring to match the black stock, I added some powdered charcoal tooth polish. Yeah, really!

I used the neutral color shoe polish for release agent and plumber's putty for a dam to stop epoxy flow.

Actually, it was a cheap fix and easy.
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