B.O.B. for the wife...pack suggestions Alice vs Molle pro con?

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    So As I get my BOB's together, I am trying to decide on a pack for my wife. She's a small woman, 5' and about 100 lbs. I have a lg alice pack for me, but I am thinking any alice framed pack will be too much for her to wield. Would a molle frame be better suited for a small woman?
    Also, are the molle packs better than the Alice packs? Do they have more storage, or is it that they are just a better modular system. Anyone know the pros and cons?
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  2. Having carried both on my back over the years, I can offer a few insights. The newer molle compatible gear comes in various sizes, so storage space has to be a draw between the two. Comfort differencial is negligible, but I would have to give the edge to the newer gear because they have paid more attention to padding on the new stuff. Versatility also goes to the molle gear because of the modular design and capacity for mounting an endless array of other packs, bags, pouches, etc directly to the bag. (including a camelbak)

    The bottom line for me is what can I carry and how cumbersome will it be. Weight is weight, so distribution of the load is on the person who packs it. There isn't really an advantage between the two types in that regard. I have nothing against the old alice webgear sets. I own a couple of them myself and still use them. But, for shear versatility, PALS or MOLLE compatible gear gets the edge.

    For a small woman, it may be better for her to not carry all of the weight on her back. Perhaps look into a PALS or MOLLE VEST type arrangement where she can mount various packs in the front as well to better distribute the weight for her frame. Just throwing some ideas out there.

    One thing to be conscious of is her weight vs her load. We have women that small in the military now (unfortunately - not sexism, just realism... here's why) and it creates a bit of a problem. Full battle rattle and a combat load varies a bit, but is around 60 to 65 pounds of gear. Thats more than half of her body weight. It isn't likely she'll last very long under that kind of strain. You'll have to be very thoughtful with regard to what she will carry and how.
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    That's a really good point I had not really put much thought into with the weight ratio. i think what I might do is get a molle setup for her with just a pack and but pack or sleep sys pack, and then have her packed with food stores, First aid, fire, and maybe some redundant items like clothing, and a blade or two. That way I can take a majority of the weight while she'll be able to take needed items that will leave room in my rig for other things like ammo and weapons.

    Also, can I attach a Lg Alice pack to a molle frame?
  4. Molle pack frames have evolved quite alot over the last few years. They even have lightweight poly frames for them. But, with all the straps available on molle gear I'm sure attaching it to an alicepack frame would be easy, vice verse, I really couldn't say. Where there is a will there is a way though. LoL

    My molle pack is the "assault pack" and does not have a frame, and doesn't even appear to be compatible with a frame. Its well padded though. If you want to see one the NSN # is 8465-01-524-5250. Just type NSN 8465-01-524-5250 into a google search and it'll pop right up. Its part of the basic rifleman molle set.

    This MOLLE gear gets quite expensive, by the way. The assault pack alone will run you about $150 new. But, there is probably a civilian equivalent that you could go with that would save you some money. In general, PALS equipment and MOLLE gear are compatible, so if you wind up with a mixture of "types" its no big deal. Its just trademarking stuff, just like we say "hook and loop" instead of velcro. LoL

    Alot of your expensive high-speed molle gear is also going to come in either ACU cammo, or Marine digital. I recommend staying away from ACU. Its a horrible cammo and truly only works if you are laying in a gravel parking lot. We are ditching it as I type this and issuing Multi-cam to our troops deploying to Afghanistan. Typically when I buy civvie tactical gear I go with OD green. Its worked for over 100 years so why screw around with it.. hehehe I recently bought some new PALS tactical gear from VooDoo tactical and will probably add a YouTube video about my thoughts on it soon. I have to evaluate it a bit first. At first glance though, its perfectly fine, rugged, and all my Molle attachments go onto it with no problem.

    Actually, just while browsing around I found a pack that will probably serve its purpose for you... here's a link to it. Affordable too.

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    What is the difference between molle and pals? And as for cost, I have found some great deals on flebay on molle and alice gear. Tried the link to that pack you posted, but it wouldn't go through, what is it and I will look it pu on the cheaperthandirt site.
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    an empty molle pack is lighter than a empty alice pack is it not?
  7. BOBfor wife

    Go over to Tactic Supplies - Home and look at the Medium assault pack made by Condor. Tons of Molle, and on sides, three nicely organized compartments and Molle on the bottom. Blk, Grn, Digital ,and Marpat Here's a pic

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  8. In essence there is no difference between PALS and MOLLE. Its just different brand names for the same type of attachment apparatus. I have gear that is MOLLE and gear that is PALS and they all link together the same way. Its just a different brand name and trademark. Sorry about that link. Dunno why that didn't work. Just goto Cheaperthandirt and go down the links on the left of the page. There is a link for molle gear, then its separated by packs, bags, pouches, etc. or type "assault pack" in the search area.