Baby Eastern Box Turtles hatched today

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  1. rando

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    I have six adult box turtles that run the back area for at least the last 10 years. Its three females and three males that are very tame and cross paths a lot. Each year I sometimes spot them mating and even bury eggs. I spotted one of the younger females digging a few months ago up near a shed. This was the first week of July. It takes the eggs three months before they hatch. They usually lay at least 5 eggs and up to ten eggs. I cover the areas with wire cloth so not disturbed till they hatch. I try to keep ground wet throughout the months. Today three babies the size of a quarter emerged. We transplant them to state parks and forests to live. Too much population here for them to survive from cars, lawnmowers and being trampled on. Here is a pic of them after emerging from the ground. There is a Quarter in pic for size comparison.

    image1 (15).jpeg image1 (14).jpeg image1 (13).jpeg
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  2. Jaison

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    That’s really cool, rando! I remember you mentioning the beasts in a post awhile back.

    Thanks for sharing that with us!

  3. rando

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    We have these little buggers each year. These turtles are like rare here now. I have seen plenty in Tennessee when there but not in this area anymore
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    Good job Randy.
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    They’re in the forests here, but also rare in the city and suburbs. Like you, I remember seeing them commonly as a kid. Not so much, anymore.
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    How cute and small they are! You should open a turtle farm)
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    Box turtles live their whole life in an area about the size of a football field.
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    Thanks for doing a good thing, watching over them like that!
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    Have seen them around here & even spotted a baby or two, but never found where they were nesting. Probably out in the woods. My wife spotted one about half way up the chain link fence, in the back yard, one time! Can only guess that it got inside the fence that way! She helped it over & it went on it's merry way into the woods behind us.:)

    Seems if they get it in their head to go a certain direction, nothing will change their mind!:rolleyes: Saw a snapping turtle about to go onto a 4 lane highway in front of our shop. I picked it up & moved it to safety in a patch of trees nearby. A bit later, saw the stupid thing about to enter the highway again! Happened that traffic was real light, so I carried it across & put it down. It happily went on it's way, in the same direction!:p
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  10. rando

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    They are climbers and can climb chicken wire or metal cloth materials.
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