Baby Eatin Bears in NJ

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  1. Howdy,

    More lib rubbish in NJ,

    Bear Attack Opens Eyes to Need for Hunt in NJ- (08/22)
    New Jersey
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    Bear Attack Opens Eyes to Need for Hunt in New Jersey

    Two years ago, anti-hunters stopped a black bear hunt in New Jersey. Following the tragic death of a 5-month old girl who was snatched from her stroller by a black bear in the Catskills of New York, New Jersey citizens are taking a second look at the issue.

    "We definitely need a hunt or what occurred in New York is going to happen here," said Elwood Knight, a member of the New Jersey Fish and Game Council, the group responsible for adopting state Fish and Game Codes.

    Another Fish and Game Council member, Fred Hough, had previously opposed the bear hunt. He has now changed his tune.

    "I might vote yes because bear education is not working," said Hough. "I don’t want to see anyone killed or mauled, and it seems these bears have brought it on themselves. They’re not afraid of us."

    Nancy Diamandes, a mother of three who lives in Jefferson, New Jersey said that bears have invaded her yard six times in the last year. She realizes that it is time to "stop politicizing the hunt and let the hunters do what’s best."

    With no hunting season in place to control the black bear population, the number of bear complaint in New Jersey is on the rise. The Division of Fish and Wildlife reported 285 bear complaints in 1995. That number increased to 1,538 so far in 2002. Forty complaints have involved bears that have broken into homes and another 19 were attempted break-ins.

    The New Jersey Fish and Game Council approved changes to the state Game Code authorizing a black bear season in 2000, but animal rights groups countered with legislation to ban the hunt. Legislators heard from their anti-hunting constituency and asked then Governor Christine Whitman to intercede. She asked the Council to suspend the scheduled hunt. It complied with her request.

    New Jersey is now faced with AB 479 and S 1219, legislation that would prohibit black bear hunting for five years. These bills would also strip the wildlife management authority from the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife by mandating that only the governor or legislature can issue a permit to take a black bear. The bill would also give $95,000 of taxpayers’ money to the nation’s largest animal rights group, the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) to study ways to eliminate bear hunting.

    Take Action! New Jersey sportsmen, don’t let the anti’s ban bear hunting and leave New Jersey unable to control its growing black bear population. Contact your state representative and senator today and tell them you oppose AB 479 and S 1219. Let them know you want professionals in charge of managing wildlife in your state and you don’t want your tax dollars handed over to a group that is working to outlaw hunting. To learn your legislator’s name and for contact information, call (609) 292-4840 or visit the Legislative Action Center on the U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance website,


    Information on this website can be reprinted with a citation to the US Sportsmen's Alliance and
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    Have they tried putting up "No Bears Allowed" signs? The bears are just bored,they need places where they can go and play basketball or pool or ride bicycles,then they will stay out of trouble.

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    Or,maybe have a bear buy-back program. Bring a bear to the local Police station and get $10.00.