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  1. Just got in lastnight, went to return my rental truck, and saw a gun store on the way home, descided to check it out, i was SHOCKED! i had forgotten how bad things really are here, ammo was oppressivly high in price! i mean $12.00 for something like 40rds. all the guns were very high in price.
    I've got my mind set to get rid of some of this ridiculousness, instead of run away this crap needs to end, i know it's gonna be difficult but i think if what's left of the patriots here in PRK band together and we get some help from you guys outside this hell, we can do it!
    besides if they see they can simply move us out of state after state, that's what they'll do, and soon it'll be YOUR state, YOUR city, YOUR town, and not just some far of place on the west coast.
  2. Glad you made it safely and I'm behind you. What about buying ammo and stuff online? Or is that illegal to ship it to the PRK? Just remember if your guns start to rust, send them to me in nice dry Az. Good luck out there.

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    Mail order is not a problem I ship ammo to my customers there all the time its the ridiculous paperwork and classes to have to do to buy one also a C&R doesn't mean anything there you have to take the gun to a class 3 dealer and have them hold it for the waiting periosd and then take the class -- good luck hope your not there long we don't want to refer to you as "comrade"
  4. yeah they upped the waiting period again it's 10 days now for long guns it was 5days before, 15 for handguns, it used to be 10.
    And i doubt anyone will refer to me as commrade here, i don't tow the party line.
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    Our hopes and prayers are with you...good luck.
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    I used to think California was a nice place to visit, but I'm really starting to change my mind. A friend of mine just got back from California a week and a half early. He took a couple of handguns with him to go shooting with an old army buddy of ours, and was popped at the state line for inspection. When the Gestapo found his handguns, which he fully divulged were there, they told him he could not bring them into the state. Mike was asked to either turn them into the state police for holding until he left, or he had to send (!) them to someone not living in the state. Or, he could turn around and head back to Ohio. Mike said the guy had a smile on his face when he said that.
    Well, needless to say, his vacation was extremely short. BTW, this was his first time going to California, and his last.
  7. Yeah unless you're from a bordering state the inspection people can be a bunch of jackasses, i stopped into another gun shop i saw in the phonebook, stated to name all the different guns i had (though i didn't tell him they were with me in the state:rolleyes: )
    the only words that i heard him say was, " nope, baned, can't have 'em here" the guns that got the ok were my Garand, k98, and m95.
    although i noticed that all the mini-14's and mini-30's were very reasonably priced, anyone know why that is?
    soon it seems, the only gun that'll be legal here is a trapdoor springfield or a brown bess!!