Backdoor Amnesty!

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  1. Well,

    what can you say about an administration that helps illegal aliens while at the same time fails to have policies that will put millions of unemployed legal citizens back to work?

    This is bad for America.

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    This is just another step.
    In the agenda, of destroying this country.

    Any one care to guess.
    After this amnesty, and all the FREE benefits.
    Which party will get new voters?

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    Might as well absorb both Mexico and Canada and make it the North American Union then. *end sarcasim*
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    This is the same sanctuary city that the Democratic candidate for Texas Governor is the former Mayor of folks. This is why Homeland Security and the DOJ have been turning a blind eye toward the sanctuary cities while filing suit against Arizona. This is why hundreds of thousands of acres along the border have been declared "dangerous areas" and US citizens warned to stay out while foreign nationals can travel thru them without fear. Our Border Patrol, local law enforcement and some ordinary citizens are facing life-threatening situations every day only to know that the federal government is going to release the majority of those that are apprehended.
    The United States is being given away piece by piece. No other country on the planet allows illegal residents to live without worry of deportation if caught. Not a single one. Only in the US do illegal residents have more rights than natural born citizens and legal aliens. Only in the most corrupt of countries would a family member of the the Head of State be allowed to defy a court-ordered deportation, flee to avoid arrest, live in government housing on the citizen's dollar...and absolutely nothing be done about it...except to wipe the slate clean and declare them legal.
  5. Illegal Aliens, its in the title. What part of breaking the law is not being understood on what level of decision making and .....good Lord there is not answer that will make this okay. They are breaking the law, they need to be sent back whether they have a 'serious' criminal record or not. Isn't sneaking into this country and going about such things a felony or similar?

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    This administration is backdooring us! :eek: