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    i remeber having canned bacon as a kid, it wasnt bad. now just like guns,underwear,socks, shoes, label it tactical to make it sell. inanimate objects are not tactical! craptical, yes!
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    Thats cool! I love bacon too!! I just make sure to get the fresh stuff without the nitrates in it. Man nothing smells better than bacon frying in a pan. There is no better smell to wake up to either.

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    Get a whole slab of hickory smoked bacon or pre sliced as thick as you can find up to about a quarter inch thick. Soak it in buttermilk, dredge in flour and slow fry in a cast iron skillet. Now that's bacon! I can feel arteries hardening just thinking about it!
  6. billy

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    i am frying a porkchop in bacon grease right now.
    does that count?

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    Bacon is poison!

    Mmm, sweet, sweet poison...!
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    Now your talking!

    Pass the platter.... :lick:
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    Hey, I get jealous when the dog gets a beggin' strip !!
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    I've eatin' them.... You're not missing anything... (Yukk!)
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    Hmmmmm...Tactical Bacon..coming to a mosque near you?:lmao:
  12. I been getting the pre cooked bacon for when I go camping. No refrigeration and no big bacon grease mess in my trailer. Easy to crumble into the scrambled eggs and such. Great for salads and just for munching. Sometimes I wrap it in tin foil and place it on the grill. Yummy with pancakes that way.
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    bacon is sooooooo good!
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    At the state fair they actually had chocolate covered bacon on a stick!
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    I'm waiting for the day when you can get deep fried beer at the fair.