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Discussion in 'Mosin Nagant' started by Asbestos, Aug 16, 2010.

  1. Asbestos

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    So i went to my local big 5 to see the mosin nagant selection, The guy behind the counter was just awful and stupid told me i needed my ID to touch the guns, this has NEVER happend to me then he told me that, the mosin nagant with the iron sites could hit a target at 800 yards. Am i stupid or is the guy full of crap
  2. flyingbrkracing

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    Sorry to hear about the poor customer service,at least you have a Big five type store.Nothing like that where I am.
    A mosin could easily hit a target at 800 yds,the question is in all the variables there are in shooting long distances.800 yds with iron sights is tough but scoped versions more than double it(check out Youtube).

  3. Martin Rage

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    Depends on how bit the target is!!! HAHAHAHA
  4. Gotta love the "experts" in the sporting goods dept at the department stores don't ya???
  5. Sober

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    When I bought mine at big 5 they only had one out and I asked him to go check in the back and see if there were anymore cause I wanted to look through and grab the best outta the group. He actually said that they were all the same!!!!!!!!! I was like dude is there someone else I can talk too.
  6. rando

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    These sporting goods store must realize that you shouldn,t hire a guy that previously has a resume that he worked as a cook at mcdonalds restuarant or a stock clerk at the grocery store and pay him $8 an hour to sell guns. You only get what you pay for.
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    I dont see this as bad customer service at all. I mean you were obviously there just looking or you would have an ID with you to show. Unless you are a minor in which case it could be store policy or state law that doesnt allow them to put a firearm in the hands of a minor. I wouldnt have any problem showing my ID in a case like that.

    As far as hitting a target at 800 yards with iron sites i guess its possible if you have the eyes for it.
  8. Link23

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    ive hit a piece of paper 3 out of 6 times at 600 yards with iron, does that count
  9. I have always had good experiences at Big 5, but each store and sales person are different. They are strict, there is no doubt about it.

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    I have gotten a couple Mosins from Big 5 over the years and have been happy with them, but it always bugged me that the wont remove the trigger lock so you cant pull the bolt to check it out completly.
  11. Sober

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    Yah it took me some serious coaxing to get the guy to remove the trigger guard. He would only do it after I filled out all the paperwork, and right before he put the Serial on paperwork I was like hey man before I buy this I wanna make sure It actually Dry Fires and I wanna give it a once over Check the barrel and bolt for rust and whatnot or Im walking right now.....and well the gun is sitting in my bedroom !

    TRUE GRIT G&G Regular

    ^ good deal, I will try that next time.
  13. Mosaka

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    Yea, you'll definitely see nimrods at Big 5's ,, on both sides of the gun counter. However 'my' Big5 manager is a really cool guy who actually owns a few Mosins and is knowledgeable about them. He has no problem bringing then all out to peruse through, in fact he rather enjoys it. He has hooked me up on some good ones. In fact, my Big5 mosins are so good that i can regularly hit soda cans @ 600yds using a mirror,, Annie Oakley style.
  14. If I can interject here, one of the reasons we get these kinds of attitudes is because many times you don't even have gun people in the building...and what I mean by this is because it is not primarily a gun place, many times I have noticed that when it is a multi format place you deal with either anti gun types or ignorant of guns and gun rule types...
    the cruddy thing is, when you go to a gun store that does have the knowing and experienced they often come off as pimps or something...I would settle for attitude of gratitude over just attitude and ignorance or experience!
  15. jason1965

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    If and when you ever go back there,ask the guy if he ever worked at a Home Depot.That might explain things.
  16. Asbestos

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    What bothered me as well that i forgot to mention is he took the whole bolt out so i couldn't even feel the action, i have looked at mosins at big 5 before and they have never done this they usually just open the action and hand it to you not remove the bolt. Its not like i look super young im almost 19 its just i feel, very out of place and like they did not want me there.
  17. jmeck

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    Annie Oakley style? Your such a girly man!:jester:
  18. Cyrano

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    New York
    jmeck, it was Annie's husband, Frank Butler, a notable champion shooter in his own right, who taught Annie the mirror-over-the-shoulder trick. There's no girly-man to it. That routine was a staple of the late 19th Century exhibition shooters. Annie performed it for years with Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show and was entertaining the troops with it as late as World War I, if memory serves.
  19. Next time any of you have a bad experience with employee's at a Big 5 or other store's that sells firearme's write the following down on a piece of paper.................................. Invite them to visit the site...A.H
  20. gandog56

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    That's the actual state law in Illinois. And they are talling a driver's license either. To even touch a gun you have to have an Illinois Firearm Owner ID card. Same goes with ammo, powder, or primers, Have to produce card or you can't even touch the stuff.