Bad judgement?

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  1. Two Cochise county deputies were suspended without pay today for driving into town with a dead illegal immigrant strapped to the hood of their patrol car. They found the body in the desert and called the morgue. After waiting for about an hour for the trasnsport vehicle to show up, they decided to take it to town themselves. It would make me want to get out of their little town REAL fast! The body was in a body bag and they said it was starting to decompose. Sounds like an old western movie where the sheriff rides into town with the dead bad guy laying across the horse.:D
  2. Rule #1: Never disturb, let alone transport, a body without the coroner showing up....even if it takes a SWAT team to get him Outta Gallagher's Bar.

    Rule #2: Refer to rule #1.

    If anyone is ever arrested for a crime in the matter it's gonna be thrown out of court even before opening arguements.

    Were those guys late for a date or what?

    They tampered with a likely crime scene......dang!

    What they did sounds incomprehensible.

    And, the family is gonna have a field day saying the Deputies contributed to his death.....who's to argue otherwise?

    Dumb chits!
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    bad cops i say lol. just joking. i think i would freakout if i saw anyone ride into town with a body bag strapped to the hood. did they go eat lunch before they dropped it off or waited ? to me if it wasn't my job to touch a dead body i would leave it alone. my wife said they should have put it in the trunk if they had to transport it. (like they say some peoples children.)
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    Let's all give them a big one......DDDDUUUUHHHH!!!!