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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Benny, Sep 29, 2002.

  1. Benny

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    I learned this afternoon that one of my best friends died in a car wreck last night and another one is in the hospital. They were making a left off of the main street in town and were t-boned by a state cop who had just initiated a chase on a suspect. I haven't heard about how the cop's doing. It really rains on my day, but all I ask is that you keep my buddys Chris and Jeremiah in your prayers. Jeremiah was going to graduate college with me this May but now that he obviously won't I'm going to work doubly hard for his memory. Thanks guys, all your support is appreciated.

  2. Calvin

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    So sorry to hear that, Benny. My thoughts and prayers are with your friends' families..

  3. Benny

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    More bad news... When it rains it pours...

    I found out my friend Chris' girlfriend Erin died in the crash too. It always hurts but they're in a better place now. Thanks again guys.

  4. oneastrix

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    Good Lord. My thoughts are with everybody involved..ten cuidado.
  5. johno

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    So Sorry to hear that. I'll be praying for you and your friends families.

  6. oneastrix

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    Charge the suspect with manslaughter!
  7. Oxford

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    Benny: My thoughts and prayers go with you and your friends who were killed, and their families.

    I went through that about a week ago when my friend was killed in a car accident, too. lt's a bummer. It just makes you numb for a while. Nothing makes sense. Fortunately, I know that in time the bad feelings will ease up and you'll be able to function again.

    I'm real sorry about the loss of your friends.

    Oxford :nod:
  8. wes

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    Sorry to hear that Benny.
  9. Chris

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    My prayers will be with you no questions asked. Sorry to hear...

    too bad this stuff doesn't happen to the bad guys
  10. Benny I am sad for your loss and their families. 1* don't get me wrong but is there some way the cops can prevent this from happening. My first thought is high speed chase. Is that really necessary?
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  11. Sorry to hear about your loss. My thoughts are with you.
  12. Stewart

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    Sorry for your loss, our prayers go out to you and your friends.
  13. Benny,

    I'm sorry to hear about your loss. I know it's painful.

    My thoughts and prayers will be with you and your friends and families.

    May the angels lead you through this terrible time.
  14. NRAJOE

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    Sorry Benny we're all praying for them and you.
  15. PAPA G

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    sorry to hear about your loss, my prayers are with you and the victims and their families
  16. Howdy Benny,

    I am sorry to hear of your loss, and my heart goes out toyou and their family members.

    It is all supposed to have a purpose and be part of the Lord's plan, though it may not make sense. Keep your head up and celebrate their lives, do not dwell on their deaths.

    God Bless......
  17. guffster

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    Sorry Benny. May God comfort you & your friend's families in your time of grief.
  18. Mandy

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    Sorry to hear that, I know what you are going through, one of my childhood friends got stabbed last week in a carjacking and is in intesive care unit with a collapsed lung.
    They don't know if he's going to come out of this one.
    At least, the cops arrested the perpetrators, let's see how the court's manage this.
    Sorry again, my prayers are with you.

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  19. Benny

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    Thanks guys, it's tough but you're right sniper, God's got a plan. My friends will be dearly missed but that's not the point. I will remember how they touched my life in a positive way. Life is a precious thing and I think we all need to be reminded of it in one way or another. God bless you all.

  20. Mon Bathan

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    I'm so sorry to hear that, my prayers will be with you and them.