Bald Eagle video. A MUST SEE!!!

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    Bald Eagle video A MUST SEE!!!

    What A Beautiful Creature !!!

    Read the narrative before viewing..

    Music video featuring a special free-flying Bald Eagle named 'Challenger' (in honor of the lost space shuttle crew) cared for by the non-profit American Eagle Foundation (AEF).

    He's a 'human-socialized' bird accidentally raised by the people who rescued him - after being blown from a wild Louisiana nest in a storm as a baby in the late 1980s. Declared 'non-releasable' by federal and state wildlife authorities, he was trained by the AEF to perform educational free-flight demonstrations at high profile public events.

    He's the first Bald Eagle in U.S. History that learned to free-fly into stadiums, arenas and ballrooms during the singing of the Star Spangled Banner. The celebrity eagle has appeared at numerous major sporting events like the World Series, Pro-Bowl, All-Star game, BCS National Championship, Fiesta Bowl, Men's Final Four, etc.

    Challenger has also flown before 4 U.S. Presidents!

    His life story is told in a children's storybook titled 'Challenger, America 's Favorite Eagle.'

    Turn on your speakers and click on link below.

    Challenger - Amazing Free-Flying Bald Eagle

    [ame=""]YouTube - Bald Eagle Music Video "This Is America" (AEF)[/ame]

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    Truly amazing video !! I am awe struck every time I get the opportunity to see one in flight. We have plenty of them here, so I guess I/We are lucky !! Great song too by the way.
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    New York
    I remember the first time i saw one in the wild. A group of us were driving home from a medieval event in northern Vermont up by the Canadian border and the road ran along the shore of a slow-moving river. A bald eagle came beating slowly down the river, passed us, then slashed down with its talons and came up with a trout as it winged away, climbing for altitude. I'd seen scenes like this on Wild Kingdom and Disney's True Life Adventures, but this was in the wild and for-real. It made an impression on me I have to this day.
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    thanks Griz
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    I used to see them flying on the (Texas) Colorado river up from Lake Buchanan in Texas. Never got to see them up close except in a zoo. Love seeing them fly!
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    We get quite a few along the Ilinois river as well as the Mississippi. When I was a kid, I would have never imagined it.
    Peoria Eagle Count - Jan. 2007
  7. We have them all over out here in western WA. There is a nest behind my hose and it's cool to see the baby eagles fly for the first time every year.